Saturday, 2019-12-21

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riniguslooks like OBS is down. jobs get scheduled, but never built14:24
XwZhi, I have updated my sony XA2 to, but since I can't have a call, I can make a call but nobody hear me and I don't hear anything neither (I tried with whatsapp and it works fine now)16:14
XwZany idea ? do I have to tune my pulseaudio sink somehow?16:15
XwZimportant information, even with the speaker it doesn't work, it's not only on the earphone16:46
mpolXwZ: can you try to reboot twice and see if that helps? There is a TJC topic about it17:00
XwZmpol: I have rebooted once, I'm doing it a second time then17:49
XwZ(don't know if that helps or not, but I don't start the android support at boot)17:49
XwZmpol: it seems to work, thank you for your help!17:52
orangecatDo anyone know how to show two symbols on CharacterKey in keyboard layouts (if that is possible)?22:21
orangecatI'm trying to show additional long-press symbols with a lighter shader on the keyboard (like swiftkey or android keyboard). Can it be done simply in QML?22:25
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