Saturday, 2019-12-28

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a-steveHello gentlemen, I recently flashed SFOS 3 community edition on Gemini-pda and was wondering how to install openrepos on my device and is openrepos still maintained with the current updates on sfos13:26
PeperJohnnya-steve: If you have dev mode activated already you can download the latest rpm from here and install it13:27
PeperJohnnyafterwards you'll have a store for openrepos stuff13:28
a-stevePeperJohnny, thanks a lot mate, yeah I did activate the dev mode already13:28
PeperJohnnyno worries, welcome to SFOS =)13:29
a-stevethanks a lot13:29
a-stevePeperJohnny, any other repos I should consider? or osetr is all i need for now?13:44
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PeperJohnnydepends on the apps you want. there are a lot of useful ones, but not knowing which ones you need, it would be overhead13:50
a-stevePeperJohnny, yeah I noticed in order to install a certain app/apps you need to add the repo for these ... thank you, just spoke too soon :D13:52
a-steveany idea if the Gemini-pda have a dedicated keyboard layout to download or SFOS3 already mapped the keyboard for it specifically, was having a problem to find the / character for instance so i had to copy paste so i could navigate to the desired openrepos website13:56
PeperJohnnyI think I saw some patches for it13:56
abransonThere were extra ones added for the gemini - which one are you missing?13:57
abransonThere are different versions of the gemini with different ones.13:58
a-steveso far I needed the / for the https:// but i could not find it using the shift or alt or fn am on english layout13:58
abransonUk or us?13:58
a-stevekeep in mind my gemini is actually multiple language with arabic support13:59
abransonHave you set it in settings/text input/hardware keyboard?13:59
a-steveyeah but did not see any Gemini or arabic support13:59
a-stevewait let me recheck14:00
abransonNo, there isn't an arabic one sorry14:00
abransonYou won't need a special gemini layout anyway.14:01
abransonBut they're pretty standard14:01
a-steveshould I use english improved? will it make any difference!14:02
a-steveI seen arabic improved also not sure if it's for the hardware keyboard though14:02
a-steveNew OS new learning curve :)14:04
a-steveapparently the more layouts comes from the multikayboards layouts app I installed, will try to14:07
a-stevemess around with layouts to see if anything changes14:07
juheHi, is it possible to have data partition (where home resides) encrypted on Xperia X? From articles it seems is it supported only on Xperia 10, is that correct?15:04
Nico[m]The official images only support it on the xperia 1015:36
Nico[m]You could probably bodge it together though15:36
juheok, thanks for confirmation17:38
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johansmitsnlI asked a question on but they recommended to open the question here. On SailfishOS the phone app has "tabs" to switch between the dialer and contacts. is not available so I'm curious how this is done. I'm new to QML but not a complete newbie on UI development. Suggestions are welcome.22:00
lachs0rjohansmitsnl: the widgets you need are in /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/private22:05
lachs0rnot sure what them being “private” imports means, but i wouldn’t bet on API stability (i.e. they might break on system updates if you just use the appropriate import statement)22:07
lachs0ri guess you could copy and paste the implementation22:07
lachs0ryou can also look at the qml files for e.g. the clock app22:08
lachs0r(to see how the tabs are used)22:09
johansmitsnl@lachs0r found it, thanks!22:14

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