Wednesday, 2020-01-01

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x2suh, since the last update my sfx phone doesn't like it to see the modem crashing anymore. usually I was able to reset the modem by activating plane mode, but now it only says "Processing" and that's it19:51
x2sso I have to reboot the phone to get the modem working again :/19:52
x2sand a reboot doesn't seem to work either, I have to do a hard reset. :(20:14
malafaik the modem issues are quite random20:18
coderushello! what is the way to force update /usr/share/sailfish-browser/data/ calling /usr/lib/oneshot.d/browser-update-default-data doesnt seems to have any effect now. Just wanted to add one ua override for site.21:38

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