Thursday, 2020-01-02

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antisHey and happy new year everyone!15:04
quicquidhappy new year to you too, antis!15:04
antisCould somebody here help with deployment of shared libraries (to harbour)?15:12
antisMore specific: How to remove the "namelinks" ( -> in the RPM without breaking the linker on the device?15:18
quicquidi've only generally developed for linux but this sounds rather hacky - wouldn't an LD_LIBRARY_PATH override not be safer?15:19
Nico[m]Why would you want to do that?15:20
antisBecause harbour packaging does not allow symlinks in the rpm.15:22
karryI am using cmake to build my project - everything that I need for that is to define RPATH: -DCMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH=%{_datadir}/%{name}/lib/:15:23
karryand then copy libraries to %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/%{name}/lib15:24
karryand add it to rpm: %{_datadir}/%{name}/lib/15:25
antiskarry: Yeah also cmake here; also set the RPATH in the RPM (should be correct but I recheck…)15:25
Nico[m]I think you can put anything you like in your rpath, but never intall libraries ouside of your application directory15:26
antiskarry: Actually I think I took this project (OSM Scout) as a template… :)15:26
karryantis: :-)15:30
rinigushi! I wonder whether there is a call that would give me DPI of the device? ideally qt c++15:31
antisrinigus: Have a look at QScreen (Screen in QML).15:34
rinigusantis: thanks, will do15:35
rinigusantis: thanks, seems to work16:04
antisrinigus: always a pleasure :)16:31
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antiskarry: btw. "_target_cpu" is more precise than just "_arch" (probably helps with the confusion about the - discontinued - Jolla tablet)16:50
johansmitsnlBuilding a app that has Python depends, what is the recommended way of adding depends (that are not packaged) ?17:30
antisjohansmitsnl: What "depends" do you mean? Package dependencies? Shared libraries?18:02
johansmitsnlantis: yes18:19
johansmitsnlshared libraries that are not part of Python core18:19
johansmitsnlI'm making a app for Kraken and I want to add this depend:
antisjohansmitsnl: Okay then you could start by having a look inside SailfishSDK's FAQ. Custom Libraries must be located at "/usr/shared/harbour-<app-name>/…" ("lib" is a common subdirectory convention) and contain no "namelinks".18:28
antiskarry: Btw. I found a solution for my specific problem (how to copy only the required libs to the target device's RPATH). I will clean it up a little and post a link which probably is interesting for you as well…18:31
johansmitsnlantis: would you mind sharing me the link to that piece of documentation? What I have until now is and but I did not find the relevant information18:33
antisjohansmitsnl: Sorry it's the harbour faq…18:43
johansmitsnlantis: thanks, I'm new with the development (of Sailfish and QT) and I'm having some difficulties setting it up. I'm from a Ruby space so Python is not that different. Just need it to have a concept working to continue on it. Thanks for the help so far18:47
johansmitsnlyou know a project that I can have a peek how it is done, and I will read the documentation of it.18:49
antisThe promised link :)18:59
johansmitsnlantis: thanks!19:03
antiskarry: Maybe can you have a look inside the spec file? Took some time, but at least now I underestand the full situation with the libraries and where the problem starts ->
antiskarry: Ah nevermind. It works "acceptable" the way it is now.20:02
johansmitsnlantis: I got it to work, thanks for the help20:37

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