Saturday, 2020-01-04

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* attah ponders if dlopen can dodge the harbour validator13:09
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ladle_hillHello sailfish community. it's good to be here :)16:57
ladle_hillI've just installed SailfishX on a new Xperia XA2 and the fingerprint sensor is not responding at all. Is that normal? It worked fine under Android16:59
ladle_hillI am on build Nuuksio17:02
quicquidtbh ive never tried to make it work17:02
quicquidbut the rest of my xa2 is fine17:03
ladle_hillYes the rest seems absolutely fab I agree17:03
ladle_hillThe fingerprint is a biggy for me because I am lazy ;)17:03
quicquidah i dont trust anything to properly store my fingerprint (hash)17:03
ladle_hillI used to be that way but the convenience got the better of me17:04
malI haven't had any issues with fingerprint sensor17:09
malladle_hill: did you reboot once after installing sfos?17:10
ladle_hillI'm wondering if I should have flashed the Sony vendor image v17B? I used v16 because of the 5GHz wireless issue. There is nothing in the release notes to suggest any issues17:11
ladle_hillYes I rebooted17:11
abransonfingerprint definitely should work with v16 and 17. maybe try to flash it again17:16
ladle_hillabranson, thanks I will try that17:24
louisdkHi. I'm trying to recover a Jolla Tablet. It crashed doing an upgrade. I'm unable to enter dnx mode, I can boot into droidboot but when I select recovery it reboots to briefly show the "connect to telnet" message before switching to a jolla logo and not getting any further. OTG works, there's light in the keyboard Ctrl+Alt+Delete reboots the tablet but F2 doesn't work doing boot. Do have other options than opening it and resetting20:42
ladle_hill_Going back to the fingerprint sensor not working it looks like others are having a similar problem with both single and dual sim devices
ladle_hill_Just wondering whether to downgrade to Android 8 and reflash...20:48
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