Sunday, 2020-01-05

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rinigusmorning! does lipstick have support for showing applications in app grid with the .desktop files somewhere in nemo's home?08:59
lachs0rrinigus: if it’s xdg base directory compliant, ~/.local/share/applications should work by default10:44
riniguslachs0r: I'll check. not sure it is as XDG env var used by flatpak is ignored.10:45
lachs0ruggh flatpak10:46
lachs0r← hates the very idea of app bundles10:46
lachs0respecially when packaging for RPM distros is sooooo easy10:46
riniguswhat do you hate more Qt <= 5.6 or flatpak?10:47
lachs0r(qt can be statically linked if necessary)10:47
rinigushave you tried to develop using it?10:47
lachs0rstatic qt? yeah why10:47
lachs0ri’ve tried flatpak and appimage10:48
lachs0rthe latter is a disaster10:48
riniguswell, I am not arguing flatpak is ideal, but it does have its advantages in providing compatibility between distros. hence my effort to bring it to sfos10:49
lachs0ryeah, i guess.10:49
lachs0reither way, it really sucks that so much of sfos is horribly outdated10:49
lachs0ralso wish it worked more like opensuse wrt contributions on OBS10:52
lachs0ri would very much appreciate a tumbleweed-like sfos10:53
attahIf i want to take a file as an optional argument in my app, how do i convert the relative path to an absolute one?11:07
attah(since the app doesn't appear to launch in CWD, or at least i couldn't find how to get it)11:08
attahAnyone succeeded to use qmlRegisterSingletonType? I'm PEBKACing... I can set my Singleton::Instance() as a ContextProperty, but can't seem to register it as one would normally14:35
attahAnd the only error message is "Element is not creatable."14:37
attahIndeed there was a PEBKAC... i cannot, as it says, create one... what i failed to understand is that it just magically exists globally14:42
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adantesHaving an issue here, that maybe someone can help me18:59
quicquidwhat's going on?19:00
adantesI've a terrain, and when I update the camera position, it reafreshes the terrain actors well (trees and so), but the main characters position is related to the screen and not top the stage19:01
adanteslike, if I have character in 10,10 and the camera goes up by 768, the character stays in 10,1919:02
adantesthis is how I make thar character go up19:02
adantessa.addAction(Actions.moveBy(0, Variables.getGridSpace(), movement_speed));19:03
adantesa sequence action19:03
adantesI'll upload some important lines, so I dont flood19:06
quicquidim afraid i havent coded for sfos so far... so i guess we need to wait for someone else to answer :(19:06
adanteswrong channel19:08
adantesplease forgive me19:08
lachs0rwas about to say :P19:08
quicquidno worries :)19:08
quicquidwhat framework are you using btw?19:08
adantesI'm sorry, I thought I was in #libgdx19:11
quicquidah, that makes more sense :)19:11
adantesbut today I finally update to 3.2.12 in Gemini and in XA219:12
adantesin XA2 it told there was a problem, it showed a button to reboot19:13
adantesrebooted, and everything seemed OK and iupdated, except for the lock icon in https psges in browser19:13
adantesgreat to know that sfos is gaining traction and great support19:14
quicquidyeah... slowly but steadily or so :)19:15
adantesI just fear the moment when they get paid to transfer some personal data to some company in US19:16
adantesHope that day never comes19:16
quicquidme too19:23

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