Monday, 2020-01-06

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x2sIs there some kind of autostart feature in sfos? I'd like to have my notes start up with the phone...09:44
mpolx2s: there is an app for that on openrepos10:40
x2smpol: "Apps after boot"?10:49
mpolyes, that one10:49
mpolI think it only starts default jolla apps, but maybe it can be configured manually for openrepos apps too10:50
x2sI just want notes, messages and such things running, so it'll be fine :)10:50
mpolyou're welcome10:51
QuantumDYnamoHello, I need help with an error11:49
QuantumDYnamoWhen I do repo sync --fetch-submodules, I get this:11:49
QuantumDYnamoerror: in `sync --fetch-submodules`: revision refs/heads/lineage-16.0 in LineageOS/android_vendor_lineage not found11:49
r0kk3rzQuantumDYnamo: #sailfishos-porters channel11:50
frojndI forgot how to use adb when I ssh to device ;/ I had to run a command to get into android virtual env12:48
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frojndI just don't know ehre adb is I found adbd13:03
frojndBut I need adb to run shell commands13:03
frojndBut  Ican't find build.prop13:06
frojndAh found it13:07
frojndNah.. not even after adding persist.service.adb.enable=1 and service.adb.tcp.port=5555 to /system/build.prop and systemctl restart aliendalvik.service I can't seem to see any adbd running13:09
frojndAlso when running /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/adbd as devel-su I get: adbd E 01-06 13:09:38 10563 10563 adbd_auth.cpp:182] Failed to get adbd socket: No such file or directory13:10
frojndAny ideas?13:42
enigma9o7I'm new to sailfishos and have a question about using an android app with aliendalvik, hopeing this is the right kinda place to ask19:39
enigma9o7I succesfully set up microg and google hangouts.  When I receive a call in hangouts, instead of ringtone, I get a popup notification that there is a call.19:40
enigma9o7And only silence.   I'd like it to ring.19:40
enigma9o7I can answer the call and speak/hear no problem.19:40
ninewiseyou're a bit at the right place, but I don't know more than you do19:53
ninewiseyou could also try support, of course19:53
malenigma9o7: there is a bug that causes the ringtone to be missing in such cases20:03
enigma9o7Is there a workaround/solution for such cases?20:05
kakkukukka_Hi, Devaamo still doesn't seem to work. I suppose the maintainer hasn't had time but I just wanted to let you know in case it is unknown20:10
malenigma9o7: no workaround possible20:14
enigma9o7What?  Not even something that could monitor notifications and ring or something... gotta be a solution20:16
malwell in theory some hack could be possible, nobody has tried to make any as far as I know20:17
malnotifications happen via dbus so monitoring those could be possible20:18
malbut stopping the ringtone would not be trivial probably20:18
enigma9o7oh, when i answered the call.20:20
enigma9o7although i think the notification changes to say im on a call20:21
malok, then you can try to do that20:25
johansmitsnlI'm trying to build a app with Python in it. But I run into some issues: in the rpm spec I use `%global __python %{__python3}` to use python3 for stripping the package. I have used `pip3 install --target=lib/python --ignore-installed matrix-nio` to install the needed libs into the lib dir. I noticed that there is a `` file inside the lib/python dir. Now when I want to try to run the package I20:45
johansmitsnl get the error: `Error: nothing provides needed by MatrixChat-0.0.1-1.i486` on the emulator and also on a Sailfish device. What is the way of doing this?20:45
johansmitsnlAny help would be appreciated21:21
malmaybe show the spec file21:35

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