Tuesday, 2020-01-07

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JohanSmits[m]@freenode_mal:matrix.org: suggestions what it could or how it should be done?06:32
JohanSmits[m]Here are some files: https://gist.github.com/johansmitsnl/94d7305065087a0a077f08bede35eaed06:42
JohanSmits[m]To me I'm doing it wrong, during package build I want to do the pip install inside the build container. So that everything is correct for the architecture. Even for Arm and 486 builds. Doing this outside the build environment seems hard (unknown) to me. So I'm curious on how this "should" be done?06:42
JohanSmits[m]Also attached the build log06:46
Nico[m]Johan Smits: I don't see, where the problem is? You can just pip install in the rpm file? Maybe set the pip directory to a subdirectory of your build via a venv or similar? Do you want to add those packages to the rpm or are they just needed for the build?07:25
JohanSmits[m]Nico If it is done only during build that is fine by me to. But I don't know how to write this in the rpm spec/yaml file. Yes I want to add them to the rpm because they are part of the runtine libs that the Python packages need.07:34
Nico[m]You could look at what this does for example: https://github.com/aranega/sailpy07:45
JohanSmits[m]Thats looks what I need, thanks will try this and give feedback if it worked08:45
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JohanSmits[m]In my app I want to use the tabview but the one from Slicia is still private. The normal QML tab view is not present. Does anyone know a lib/project that implements it the same?21:04
Nico[m]Can't you add buttons and hide multiple fullscreen elements?21:07
Nico[m]But tooter for example uses something similar21:07
Nico[m]And one of the podcast apps afaik21:08
JohanSmits[m]Nico: thanks I will take a look21:13
Nico[m]Check if tooter fits your need first, I think it is a bit different21:19

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