Friday, 2020-01-10

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pingutux[m]Hi, is this here the official IRC Channel for SailfishOS? I am using Riot over Matrix and I am not sure if I am on an IRC Channel. I do not know to much about IRC and Matrix...19:57
Nico[m]Yes, it is19:58
Nico[m](although I'm also bridged via Matrix)19:59
pingutux[m]I can not see a historie? why?20:01
Nico[m]Because the history visibility on the Matrix side is set to 'member from the time they joined'20:03
Nico[m]So you can't see any history, use the public IRC logs for that20:04
pingutux[m]ok thanks20:04
pingutux[m]how can I use the public IRC logs?20:05
pingutux[m]but from now on I should see it in the future? Thank you.20:08
enigma9o7That's interesting.  I have riot on my pc, didnt know I could use it for IRC.  Is there a riot client for sfos?20:25
pingutux[m]you just need to enter " /join"20:27
pingutux[m]...without the " " and in plain text.20:29
Nico[m]There is no really good matrix client for sailfish yet, but I'm working on it! I've just been prioritising nheko atm, because riot-android kinda eorks20:33
pingutux[m]I thought enigma9o7 wanted to join via Destop in Riot...20:35
pingutux[m]to join an IRC room in Riot you can type the following as a command from any chat window in Riot:20:35
pingutux[m]/join #freenode_#channelname:matrix.org20:35
Nico[m]Well, he also asked about a riot client for sailfish ;p20:37
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