Saturday, 2020-01-11

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enigma9o7re previous conversation, I was just curious when someone else asked about how to join irc channels from riot (which I didnt know was possible), but it also made me wonder if there was riot client for sfos, being that this is sfos channel.  ircii works great for sfos :)05:29
r0kk3rznot really05:37
enigma9o7@rokkerz not really?  ircii doesnt work great for sfos?  It works the exact same for me as it did 20 years ago...... But anwaysy thanks for your idea on my previously mentioned issue, I was looking the wrong direction.  (Once I used the switch to build without asm, it stopped wanting that file, and shortly thereafter I was able to complete my build succesfully once I'd installed the appropriate packages and downloaded a random08:46
enigma9o7header manually)08:46
JohanSmits[m]Nico: I'm also trying to work out a Matrix client. Is your work public?08:55
JohanSmits[m]Also I'm just a beginner on QML but I have my first app in review :)08:55
tadzikI assume r0kk3rz meant "not really, there's isn't a client for sailfish"09:27
Nico[m]Johan Smits: No, my work isn't public, as it still has a few issues when launching amd always does a full sync on start. once I fix those issues, I wanted to publish it09:29
r0kk3rzNico[m]: what are you making it from?09:31
JohanSmits[m]Is there anything to share what features it has for example? There is a big need for a Matrix client I noticed.09:32
Nico[m]It only can list rooms and show messages as well as send text messages, but I have encryption and media sending planned, for when I have some free time09:38
Nico[m]It's based on the same lib as nheko and I want it to have feature parity at some point09:38
JohanSmits[m]Will the source become public and looking for contributors?09:42
r0kk3rzah ok, different to the one i was using09:43
Nico[m]At some point, when you can actually launch it via the app icon :D09:44
hahlobtw is there native kdeconnect for sailfish?10:46
r0kk3rzthere is10:46
Nico[m]Sailconnect is probably what you want, the other one doesn't work as well11:08
Nico[m]*Sailfish connect11:09
hahloyes I found just that and seems to work11:11
JohanSmits[m]> At some point, when you can actually launch it via the app icon :D13:16
JohanSmits[m]Nico: how do you mean lauch it though the app icon?13:16
Nico[m]I implemented, that it can run in the background. I usually always tun the app from the terminal for testing. Seems like I broke the regular launch along the way :D13:17
attahHmmm, RLE-encoding a ~100MB bitmap sure isn't free in cpu cycles19:18
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