Sunday, 2020-01-12

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tortoisedocid have a favlur to ask, coumd anybody with an xperia 10 try quickbar? as i dont own the device i have no way to test the app and theres.reports of it not worlibg very well10:07
tortoisedocanyone from jollas qa here?10:10
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tortoisedocanyone with an xperia10 available for hands-on testing of quickbar?11:53
tortoisedocjust a quick test - ibstall, laubch, provide logs11:53
Nico[m]Sorry, I don't have a 10, otherwise I would help you ._.11:54
maltortoisedoc: which version of that do you want to be tested?12:08
tortoisedocmal: the latest one please,  would you?12:10
tortoisedoctheres reports that the settings screen dods not open at all12:10
malfrom store? or is there different version in openrepos?12:11
tortoisedocstore is ok12:11
tortoisedocbtw compatibility test for sfos in sdk would be great ndw feature to add12:11
malthat app has some style issues in m opinion12:14
tortoisedocmal : feedback is always welcomed! :) please feel free to share more details if you want12:15
malapp seems to work12:16
tortoisedocmal : settings screen too? once its loaded, you can call it back by relaunching the app from the grid12:17
malsettings page appeared also12:18
malsome issues with margins12:18
malwhy is settings page using black background instead the normal sfos background12:19
maltortoisedoc: where are the sources for that app?12:24
tortoisedocmal: not yet finished polishing12:26
tortoisedocok thanks for testing mal12:27
tortoisedocsources will be released lnce im not ashamed of the code quality12:27
tortoisedocor if jolla would like to integrate it ;)12:28
malI could have fixed some style issues12:28
tortoisedocyeah ive got to get to put it online12:32
tortoisedoctheres actually no particulsr reasob apart of.code quality12:33
Nico[m]Hi there :D17:27
chopixcan we talk about allegedly bugs here?17:28
Nico[m]Should be allowed, but security bugs should probably disclosed privately to Jolla17:29
Sailor1283hi is there an introduction how to use the jolla irc client with all the settings?17:41
Nico[m]You mean the one in the repos?17:42
Sailor1283from jolla app store17:43
Sailor1283maybe the same17:43
chopixI have never used it, what exactly you are unable to do?17:45
Sailor1283i don't know how to set up an permanent account for this channel. i don't know much about irc. some kind off luck that I'm here.17:48
chopixyou have to do add network17:50
chopixbut you already did since you are connected here using it17:50
chopixso not sure whats the issue17:50
chopixif you want to autojoin here17:50
Nico[m]There are no real accounts for irc, you onlybreceive messages, when you are online17:51
Nico[m]You can register your nick by messaging NickServ17:51
chopixunder "User details" you put your nickname and password17:51
chopixand under "Network settings" in "Perform commands" you just put /join #sailfishos17:52
Sailor1283@chopix don't I need an account some where17:53
chopixyes the freenode server should have sent you a private msg17:53
chopixto register your nickname17:54
chopixdidnt it?17:54
Sailor1283did not see anything17:54
Tegubut you don't really _need_ it. you _can_ register a nick in the network (freenode), but not in all networks17:54
Sailor1283there do i see private messages17:55
Sailor1283what's that17:56
chopixit means I don't know17:56
chopixI am not a user17:56
Teguif I recall correctly, you can get to the channel list by swiping left or right (can't recall which)17:57
Sailor1283but thanks for the other things that helps allot17:57
TeguI used the saifish IRC client for a while at some point17:58
chopixalso I think this channel is for developers Sailor17:58
chopixfor users and the like there's #jollamobile17:58
Teguboth are so quiet that I do not know if it's that beneficial to separate them. *shrug*17:58
Sailor1283got it I am just a user no developer but since 2014 starting with nexus 4 - 5 , one plus one and now Xperia X. I'll test jollamobile. Thank you all18:04
chopixyou are welcome18:06
Sailor1283_maybe it's more comfortable to use irc bridged over matrix in riot from linux desktop I'll try. ..18:13
chopixyou can use https://webchat.freenode.net18:13
chopixin your browser18:13

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