Tuesday, 2020-01-14

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dcalisteHello chriadam, happy new year !08:18
chriadamhi dcaliste, happy new year to you also!08:18
chriadamI hope you have been well08:18
dcalisteYes, fine, better actually than usual hectic end of year period.08:19
chriadamexcellent!  yes, I know what you mean, super busy time of year08:20
dcalisteI'm reading your comment at the moment.08:21
chriadamunfortunately I haven't had an opportunity to follow up on your fixes.  I added some brief comments to the two new caldav ones, but haven't yet tested those on device, will do so and merge tomorrow unless flypig has some comments there; but aside from that haven't had a chance to look at the mkcal / kcalcore / nemo-qml-plugin-calendar ones08:21
chriadamI saw that flypig had merged those fixes you provided for the exception occurrence issue you discovered previously - thanks for that!08:22
dcalisteYes, I thank @flypig for his review, understanding of the issue…08:22
flypigThanks also from me, you were a great help explaining things dcaliste.08:23
chriadamhi Venemo08:23
dcalisteAbout MR!61 for CalDAV plugin, yes, the mNotebookSyncDate is the date at sync start, and if the reception of some incidence occurs one or second after, and the last-modification tag is missing, libical is adding one with the current date.08:23
dcalisteSo, later than the notebook sync date.08:23
dcalisteOn next sync, the incidence is then reported as locally modified.08:24
chriadamdcaliste: and I guess that happens if the incidence doesn't have a specific timestamp set it in previously when synced (e.g. CREATED / MODIFIED fields)?08:24
chriadaminteresting case, and must have been tricky to track down.  nice work.08:24
dcalisteIf both are missing, in fact, there is no issue.08:24
dcalistecreated == last-modification (> notebook sync date), and the modifiedIncidences(sinceFoo) routine is returning incidences for last-modification > created and last-modification > sinecFoo.08:25
chriadamah, so if the timestamps are equal, it doesn't get returned there.  hah!  but if one or the other exists, then it can "pass" and be returned... interesting08:26
dcalisteBut if created is provided and not last-modification, then the incidence will be reported as modified which is failing for read-only calendars like the shared one in NextCloud.08:26
dcalisteThat was the case for the events Benjamin reported and he noticed the missing last-modification.08:27
chriadaminteresting that we didn't see this ourselves while testing our nextcloud support.  oops.08:27
chriadamgreat catch08:27
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chriadamjust a quick roundup of outstanding stuff, still trying to get my brain in gear after some time off over christmas/new year:08:28
chriadam1) those caldav PRs, 2) the mkcal PR#17 to detect all-day events stored with tz, 3) the nemo-qml-plugin-calendar PR#49 to support that one by saving all-day exception as clocktime.  also 4) the kcalcore MR#13 to store with RFC semantics to avoid the addDays(-1) or whatever thing, but that one will require some "orchestration" i.e. I need to update all plugins, and test, and bump versions at the same time08:30
chriadamso I think that (4) might wait a little while longer unfortunately08:30
chriadamfor (1) as mentioned, I hopefully will test and merge tomorrow08:30
chriadamfor (2) and (3) do you think those are ready?  I believe they are/were, was just waiting for comments from pvuorela or flypig on those - I will ask them to take a look at those again just in case fresh eyes spot something08:31
dcalisteYep, that's it. No problem to postpone 4) for a while.08:34
chriadamexcellent.  thanks again for all the work you have been doing and continue to do.08:34
chriadamdid you have anything else to discuss?  e.g. was there any blockers on the webcal subscription side that you'd like me to poke peopel about?08:34
chriadamalso, regarding the next meetings: I am available tuesday 21st and tuesday 28th, but then am taking a vacation in february so won't be available during feb for meetings - maybe flypig could chair those meetings instead during that period.08:35
dcalisteAbout webcal stuff, I've reworked the UI settings to use the account.08:37
dcalistepvuorela is looking at it.08:37
dcalisteFor the meetings, no problem have nice holydays when it comes in February.08:38
dcalisteIf I have questions I can still ping pvuorela of flypig.08:38
chriadamyep :-)  thank you08:38
chriadamif nothing else to discuss, then have a good week and see you next tuesday!08:39
dcalisteYes, have a nice week and a good evening. Thank you.08:39
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enigma9o7sailfish is rather bossy sometimes, particularly when I inpug it from my charger.  It always tells me to unplug my charger from the wall, telling me it'll save power or something.  I don't even know if I believe it about the power savings part, but I'm mainly just tired of it trying to tell me what to do!18:05
malthose usually consume a little bit of energy even when not charging, it's not much but still something18:14
kimmolithat is one small contribution to slow down climate change...19:09
tanriol...at least unless the charger wear offsets it.19:24
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