Wednesday, 2020-01-15

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enigma9o7I tweeted, cuz I crave attention.
enigma9o7haha it worked, i got views :)06:21
enigma9o7it means ppl actually pay attention here06:21
PeperJohnnyyup but not all the time ;)06:21
enigma9o7I also home @elros34 sees it and makes him get one of these phones!06:27
enigma9o7as he is the magic of ubu xfce under sfos06:28
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enigma9o7I tried to build etr under sfos, but apperantly it needs sdl1, or something not included in sdl2 anyway, cuz cmake tells me In file included from main.cpp:18:0: bh.h:103:28: fatal error: SDL/SDL_syswm.h: No such file or directory #include "SDL/SDL_syswm.h" compilation terminated. make: *** [Makefile:241: main.o] Error 106:47
enigma9o7and that isn't friendly sounding to me06:50
enigma9o7but it is spaced out better than i did it, so feels a little less harsh06:52
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