Thursday, 2020-01-16

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ThaodanIs the spec file ok, does it contain all depedencies?03:45
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xenial-userhi will there be a feature phone SFOS this year? and on which device?22:46
r0kk3rznobody knows22:46
xenial-userhard to believe22:49
xenial-usermaybe someone?22:49
r0kk3rzwell, until something gets announced22:50
r0kk3rznobody from jolla side will say22:50
xenial-userwould be interesting for second phone on hiking holidays with extra long battery power...just for calls and sms22:53
r0kk3rzfeature phones exist, im not sure what the specific draw of running sfos on one would be22:54
xenial-useron which device? I am using a nokia 150 for this but I would like to use a SFOS phone22:56
xenial-userXperiaX with SFOS I use as daily device22:57
r0kk3rzwhats wrong with the nokia?22:59
xenial-usernothing at all 3 weeks battery power! But i would like to test an SFOS feature phone, because I think (hope) there would be also some Internet things...?!?23:01
xenial-usere-mail or instant messaging maybe would be nice.23:04
r0kk3rzyou should probably check out a kaios phone then23:05
xenial-userno thanks - kaios is android - nothing for me. I am just into sailfish or ubuntu touch23:07
r0kk3rzkaios is boot2gecko23:08
r0kk3rzits about as android as sailfish is23:08
xenial-userwhat is boot2gecko? never heard23:09
r0kk3rzmozillas phone os23:09
r0kk3rzgecko being the mozilla browser engine23:09
xenial-usermozilla sounds good23:09
xenial-userwell maybe I will have a look - thanks23:10
xenial-userdo you now a device with kaios?23:11
r0kk3rznokia made a few i think23:11
xenial-userI always liked nokia lets see...23:12
xenial-userWOW THANK YOU...could be the thing I was looking for....I need to look closer...thanks a lot!23:18
xenial-userSorry I do not want google assist, whattsapp, facebook. Thats why I am looking for a Jolla feature phone...I can wait my Nokia 150 works fine so long. But thank you it was really close to what I am looking for.23:28
r0kk3rzdont hold your breath23:29
xenial-userstill I will have a look for kaios if it is no google android...23:29
r0kk3rzits not, but when it comes to 'internet features' most people want fb and whatsapp23:30
r0kk3rzno idea if you can uninstall them23:30
xenial-usernot me23:31
xenial-userprobably not23:31
xenial-userjust email would be ok for me23:31
xenial-userand a browser23:32
xenial-userwell thanks for your interest I need to go to bed.23:33

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