Friday, 2020-01-17

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lachs0rheh, the last tough feature phone I’ve used is a siemens me4501:46
lachs0r18 years later it still works01:46
lachs0rit even has an email client with the S45 firmware, but it only supports ssl3 iirc01:47
lachs0rsame with the web browser01:47
lachs0r(well, wap browser)01:47
lachs0rthe thing eats 3310s for breakfast :>01:49
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oozboozis Sony XA2 with 16gb (vs 32GB) enough for SFOS17:28
attahUnless you plan to use copious amounts of Android apps, that should be plenty17:29
oozboozis there list of SFOS native apps?17:31
attahNot outside the store app that i know of, especially not officially17:32
attahBTW, where do you find a 16GB XA2?17:32
attahI thought all the base models came with 3217:33
oozboozI thought too... but someone on ebay has a refurb model claims with 16gb17:33
attahThat sounds odd17:34
attahwonder if the flashing will get confused17:34
attahbut most likely they are just wrong17:34
tanriolDo I understand correctly that XA2 Android support is something closed-source still, so there's no reasonable way for an outside person to help fixing a bug that annoys them?17:35
attahYes, but for some problems the former does not necessarily imply the latter17:36
attahi.e. some issues can be in the configuration or interaction with it17:37
tanriolAny guess for the reason Firefox Sync does not work in Firefox for Android?17:41
attahno, does it say anything at all?17:42
attahYou can always read the logs
tanriolWill try to look, thanks for the link. My wild guess from the way it looks would be that the sync itself is scheduled as some background/later/etc. task that never runs.17:46
attahoh, that there is a setting for17:46
attah"Allow background services ..."17:47
tanriolIn the Sailfish settings? Will check when I get access to it. On Xperia X there's only the "Start background services on boot" option in there and Sync works even with the option disabled, but maybe Android 8 layer is different17:50
attahthat's likely the one i mean17:50
attahtranslated roughly17:51
attahcould *perhaps* have different impact17:51
attah...or it isn't a background thing17:51
tanriolAnyway, thank for the direction to look!17:51
tanriolattah: The setting does not help. Firefox has a "Sync now" button and when I press it I can see messages in the log that indicate the request goes to the Android sync framework with `ContentResolver.requestSync(...)`18:59
attahhmm, wonder if that is a google service, or a pure Android thing19:00
attahif it is the former, maybe microG would help19:00
tanriolAt least the entry point seems to be in AOSP19:01
attahhave you tried asking on TJC?19:42
tanriolThere's a question qoughly about that

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