Saturday, 2020-01-18

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abstradelicthe best hardware to run sailfishos ?02:35
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antisHey, apparently sailfishsdk 3.0.7 (SailfishOS is missing a "git-minimal" zypper package. Am I the only one having trouble with that? Where to find a proper replacement?13:58
antisOk, the package seems to be unmaintained and removed -> using "git" instead14:06
attah24 Mbit/s PDF to printer raster conversion on an Xperia 10... not too shabby16:01
attahI don't think it will do much more than 40Mbit/s uplink WiFi, so some room for improvement, but not that much16:07
malsounds quite reasonable already16:07
attahnow i just need to find the energy to make it presentable/integrated16:09
attahalso, the conversion and transfer isn't pipelined with this solution, so the times would be completely additive16:10
attahbtw, how does one get access to OBS?16:19
malassuming you have jolla account then ask lbt for access16:23
attahlbt: any chance of getting OBS access? I'm thinking it would make it easier to keep fresh builds of muPDF, my Jolla account name is attah too16:26
attahheh, it looks like i could potentially run the convert pipeline in a QProcess, and use the output of it as source for the QNetworkAccessManager::post(), that ought to be pretty optimal17:19
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