Friday, 2020-01-24

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tanriolWhat would be the proper place to make sfos sync the orientation lock setting to android apps on XA2?06:16
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gnome71hello everyone!08:52
gnome71Does anyone know, if i have to reflash the bought sailfishos version over the free version to get the additional store options?08:53
PeperJohnnyyou don't need to reflash08:54
PeperJohnnyaccording to you should be able to see the paid apps, once you're logged in to the store08:55
gnome71ok, thanks. will try to re- login.08:55
johansmitsnlI want to make a phone tracker that will send out notifications on significant location changes that does not cause the battery to get drained. Are there pointers on how to get those messages of significant changes?09:40
gnome71@PeperJohnny: thanks, i got my additional apps!09:46
PeperJohnnygnome71: coolio have fun with it09:47
marvin__johansmitsnl: I'm trying to get your fix-build-version of bluepill to work. Build works fine, but what would be the proper way to get nio installed on the target?09:58
johansmitsnlmarvin__: I'm now using in a other project in the rpm/.spec in the "build pre" this: "pip3 install --target=lib/python --ignore-installed paho-mqtt"10:00
johansmitsnlBut I'm still testing this.10:00
johansmitsnlBut the issue I have is that the new docker version (the updated one) is not the same as it was before and it seems to fail now with the same code that ran some week ago10:01
johansmitsnlWhen you check the repo builds you see that is fine but a rebuild shows it is now10:01
johansmitsnlI'm traveling at the moment, but will read the messages if you leave one for me.10:02
marvin__Ok, thanks. I'll play around with it.10:02
johansmitsnlYou can also contact me directly on if you want to10:02
marvin__That's good to know. These things tends to quite a lot of time to figure out.10:03
johansmitsnlIndeed, I'm also still searching in how to make this work so please let me know if you got it10:04
marvin__I will. It seems to be a promising project.10:05
johansmitsnlIndeed, using Riot at the moment and it is far from ideal10:05
johansmitsnlBut Nico here on the channel is also working on a client but his code is not public or finished. This was his reaction: No, my work isn't public, as it still has a few issues when launching amd always does a full sync on start. once I fix those issues, I wanted to publish it10:09
johansmitsnlNico: should also be interesting to see what his state is.10:10
marvin__OK, I know the feeling, sometimes you don't really want to let things out until you're reasonably happy with what you've done.10:11
johansmitsnlThats true10:11
Nico[m]Well, I don't really want to publish a client that drains your battery and that you can only start and stop from the commandline ._.11:15
Nico[m]I still want to get nheko 0.7.0 out of thr door first11:15
johansmitsnlNico: that is a good idea, I just mentioned it so he knows that others are also working on a chat client.13:51
Nico[m]Yeah, I just thought I'd chime in :314:08
zaggynldoes anyone have signal contact discovery working?14:39
attahTIL: QNetworkAccessManager doesn't do chunked transfers19:52
attahSo much for pipelining it with an encoder19:52
rinigusit seems like lipstick doesn't support app icons in ~/.local/share/icons. or am I wrong?20:03
* keithzg[m] goes back to the channel to ask about the state of Matrix client support, scrolls up a bit; shucks! Android client it is, I guess.22:04
Nico[m]Alright, I'll release my client before summer ;p22:12

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