Saturday, 2020-01-25

keithzg[m]Hmm, speaking of messaging clients, is there no working Hangouts client currently?00:23
Flexmankeithzg[m]: maybe you can use a jabber/XMPP client01:10
keithzg[m]Flexman: Yeah, in a pinch I suppose that might do. Although my experiences with XMPP as a protocol on mobile clients dissuades me from that approach . . .01:10
keithzg[m]Frankly I'd be more tempted to just use `hangups` in the terminal, if I could just figure out how to invoke `pip` on SailfishOS!01:12
Nico[m]python3 -m pip?01:12
keithzg[m]Nico: To my bafflement, "No module named pip"01:13
Nico[m]Mhm, let me look up how I did it01:13
keithzg[m]I tried searching and all I saw was some comments on TJC with people saying "oh, it ships these days?" which seems belied by my experience, but who knows! Maybe somehow I ended up missing a package or two on my Xperia X?01:14
Nico[m]It works in the SDK, probably a package or pip is only available in the SDK01:15
Nico[m]Did you try installing python3-pip?01:16
keithzg[m]Nico: Yaknow I could have sworn that was the first thing I tried . . . but apparently not! Haha01:20
Nico[m]Sometimes you miss the obvious, it happens. Too many trees to see the woods01:21
keithzg[m]Very true, very true01:21
keithzg[m]Many thanks for prompting me to realize my oversight :D01:21
Nico[m]Well, I knew I had it working at some point, I just had to figure out how :301:21
keithzg[m]Yeah, it's things like that which prompted me to eventually start using a personal wiki . . . it's nice not to have to puzzle things out again after having puzzled them out before, heh.01:23
keithzg[m]Oh my, the `hangups` Python package apparently needs `gcc` to install?01:24
Nico[m]I just look at my git history. In most cases that is enough01:24
keithzg[m]Hah, fair!01:24
Nico[m]Probably needs to compile a native lib, it's pip01:24
keithzg[m]Yeah that definitely looks like what it's doing.01:25
Nico[m]You may have more luck just packaging it in an rpm and installing it01:25
keithzg[m]Alas my knowledge of RPMs mostly extends to getting myself in trouble, heh, so I'm not sure how far I'd get. But maybe I'll give something like that a shot later.01:27
* keithzg[m] should really just be getting back to finishing up work for teh day and leaving the office!01:27
Nico[m]But work is boring!01:27
keithzg[m]True, true . . .01:27
Nico[m]Maybe it is not that hard if you use something like this:
keithzg[m]Nico: Ooooh, that looks interesting. I'll definitely keep that in mind for the future; for this time at least though, just installing `gcc` and `python3-devel` was enough to make the pip installation succeed.01:32
Nico[m]And does hangups work now?01:33
keithzg[m]I'll find out after I hop across the street to get my dinner, heh01:34
Nico[m]Keep me posted :301:34
keithzg[m]Hangups is theoretically working, but having problems with auth that appear to stem from my use of 2FA on my Google account, alas.01:51
Nico[m]Ah, bummer01:55
keithzg[m]Aha! Using `./hangups --manual-login` to get an oauth value worked.02:01
keithzg[m]I wonder if this could be leveraged to get Hangish working too, hmmm . . .02:08
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