Thursday, 2020-01-30

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dcalistepvuorela, good morning. Maybe there is a scheme to label branches to push to ui-jolla-settings. At the moment, trying to push to contrib-webcal or contributor-webcal is rejected. jpetrell granted me with write access to this repo, but maybe the branch naming filter was not updated ?08:28
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pvuoreladcaliste: yea, seems to be missing contrib-* definitions.08:32
pvuoreladcaliste: i'll ask joona.08:33
dcalistepvuorela, thanks. There need to be a slight addition in settings.qml to add a DBUs function to handle the x-scheme/webcal.08:38
pvuoreladcaliste: might work now.08:41
dcalistepvuorela, thanks again, I'll push this evening because the changes are on my home computer.08:42
molanHi, following qml question: I have a TextArea with height: implicitHeight - so it adapts to the amount of entered text. Additionally I would like to have a minimum and maximum height for this TextArea. What would be the best way to do that? Help is very appreaciated.08:48
pvuorelaperhaps something like height: Math.max(theMinimum, Math.min(theMaximum, implicitHeight))08:52
molanpvuorela, that's exactly what I mean. I will try it out. Thanks!08:54
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