Friday, 2020-01-31

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adantesMy Gemini PD07:00
adantesPDA without a warning, wifi stopped connecting07:01
adantesWifi is working in Android, the tool wifi analyser in Jolla Store works great as well07:01
adantesa restart as not fixed the problem07:02
adantesis there a way to connect via terminal, or just reinstall network layer?07:02
KrikkeNico[m]: what do you mean? It's not like anyone is implementing anything really. Everything just really sucks all the time07:36
Krikkeif you need something, you need to do it yourself07:36
Krikkebecause everyone else is an idiot07:36
Krikkeif you can't do it you're fucked07:37
Krikkethere's no need to beg for anything when there is noone listening07:37
Krikkeas has been shown clear over the years07:37
Krikkethe system has failed and there is no turning back07:39
Krikkejust shit is leaking all over the place07:39
Krikkeend of rant07:46
enigma9o7I have a pretty high score on the space invaders attempt by piggz.08:15
enigma9o7But, I cant shut thru the shields.08:16
enigma9o7Shoot thru the shields.08:16
enigma9o7crikey!  I feel like I missed half the previous conversation there Krikke.  What is Nico begging for?08:18
enigma9o7Altough I have learned thats the awesome thing about sfos, you can actually do stuff yourself.08:18
enigma9o7But, the more you try, the deeper you go.08:18
enigma9o7Like, I tried to build something.  But it wanted newer node.js.  So okay try to build that.  It wants newer gcc.  etc etc08:18
enigma9o7try to build someting else unrelated, it needs SDL.h which somehow isnt included in SDL2-devel08:20
enigma9o7But, when something actually works, its like wowzerswowowow08:20
enigma9o7makes it almost feel like real linux distro08:21
KrikkeI found some people are running things like ubuntu or archlinux in a chroot in sailfishos, I was wondering if I could set up an Xserver and connect an external monitor through that08:23
Krikkewould be really nice08:23
enigma9o7You've tried elrsos's ubu chroot?08:23
Krikkesamsung dex out of the box08:23
Krikkewho's what?08:23
enigma9o7i run xfce thru that, its great08:23
enigma9o7Install that.08:24
Krikkewhat does it do?08:24
enigma9o7It needs a little configuration after that to make it comfortable.08:24
enigma9o7It gives you xfce in ubuntu chroot.08:24
Krikkeas an app or?08:24
enigma9o7So you have xfce desktop maanger, can run ubuntu apps.08:24
Krikkeon the sailfish screen?08:25
Krikkeok, I would like to do that probably but connected to an external monitor08:25
Krikkeeven just mirror would be fine as a start08:26
enigma9o7The think you need really is keyboard.08:26
Krikkethat part is already working08:26
enigma9o7If your device has none, use bluetooth/usb/etc.08:26
KrikkeI have the Lenovo ThinkVision P27h-1008:27
KrikkeI just connect the phone to it and the keyboard works08:27
Krikkebut no picture08:27
Krikkeit's an usb keyboard08:27
enigma9o7But yeah, as an app.  xfce appears as an app in sailfish, it takes one cover08:27
Krikkeand usb hub in the monitor08:27
KrikkeI would like to display the sailfish screen on the monitor08:28
enigma9o7but once you're in xfce, as long as you dont swipe back to sailfish, you're in xfce08:28
Krikkeok, I'm not really familiar with xfce, I'm using gnome08:28
enigma9o7What happens now when you connect to external monitor?08:28
enigma9o7gnome apps run fine in xfce08:28
Krikkewell the on screen keyboard doesn't pop up anymore but I can type from the usb keyboard08:29
Krikkeand it inputs straight into sailfish08:29
enigma9o7that sounds good08:29
enigma9o7thats what happens on device with hardware keyboard08:29
Krikkeso now I just need the picture sent to the monitor too08:30
enigma9o7just no picture08:30
Krikkeit's USB-C and it works with Samsung S1008:30
Krikkewith that monitor08:30
enigma9o7I assume community port, right?08:30
Krikkethey have this app called samsung dex08:30
Krikkeno android08:30
enigma9o7Oh.  This is sailfish channel.08:30
Krikkeyeah but I'm making a point08:31
enigma9o7I mean that should work too, but I assumed yer talking sailfish.08:31
KrikkeI would like that feature to work on sailfish08:31
Krikkethat it also has the picture08:31
Krikkewhat I was describing earlier was all about sailfish08:31
Krikkeon XA208:31
KrikkeI'm just saying, the picture works on samsung08:32
Krikkeand I've tried it works08:32
Krikkeso it could be made to work on sailfish too right?08:32
enigma9o7It can.08:32
enigma9o7So now I get it.08:32
enigma9o7HDMI out works on Android, but not Sailfish.08:32
Krikkeis it using HDMI over USB-C?08:32
enigma9o7If you dont have hdmi port, then the only way to get hdmi is from usb-c.08:33
enigma9o7On photon q, for example, it has a real hdmi port.08:33
enigma9o7But the last time I tried, no hdmi output under sailfish.08:33
enigma9o7But works fine under Android.08:33
KrikkeI'm plugging it into usb-c08:33
Krikkeon XA2 on sailfish08:33
enigma9o7XA2 should be supported by Jolla tho.08:33
Krikkeit is08:33
enigma9o7So it should actually work.08:33
Krikkeit has Sailfish X08:33
KrikkeI just need some kind of software08:34
enigma9o7On PQ, its community port and not supposed to work (when I tried it)08:34
Krikkemaybe X?08:34
KrikkeI mean xorg xserver08:34
Krikkewhat is PQ?08:35
enigma9o7Motorola Photon Q.  Old keyboard phone.08:35
Krikkenever heard about that one08:36
enigma9o7Then you're not a keyboard phone enthusiast still living in 2020.08:36
enigma9o7But thats' fine, not many are.08:36
Krikkeno I'm more of a gamer08:37
enigma9o7Most have recently died.08:37
enigma9o7Gamers are still alive I believe.08:37
enigma9o7Just the meaning of the term has changed.08:37
Krikkebut the idea that I could carry just a phone and plug it into the monitor and do work as a thin client sounds really good to me08:37
Krikkewouldn't have to drag along a laptop to work08:37
enigma9o7My smartphone is more powerful than my pc.08:38
enigma9o7So I understand.08:38
KrikkeI can't say the same08:38
KrikkeI just got a Ryzen 3950X08:38
enigma9o7I dont even know what tha tmeans.08:38
Krikkeit's a new AMD cpu08:38
enigma9o7But I bought my laptop on craiglist a few years ago for $11008:38
enigma9o7and it works grewat08:38
enigma9o7but was made in 200908:38
Krikke16 cores08:39
enigma9o7My phone has 8.08:39
enigma9o7I think my pc has 4.08:39
enigma9o7My phone has 6gb.  So does my pc.08:39
enigma9o7iq-720qm on the pc.  Hmmm trying to determine cores.08:40
enigma9o7confirmed, 4 cores.08:41
enigma9o7at 1.6Ghz.08:41
enigma9o7So yeah my phone is the most powerful computer in the house.08:41
enigma9o7There are a couple more computers in the house, pcs i set up for my kids, but thats a p4 and athlon64, so even if we added them to my pc, i'm pretty sure my phone would win.08:43
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malenigma9o7: based on my checking of the SDL2-devel rpm file the SDL.h file is there as it should be10:30
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Krikkeenigma9o7: how did you get the multi-instance patch applied? patchmanager says it's not supported13:51
Krikkehmm I tried to just modify it14:16
Krikkedunno what it's supposed to do :D14:16
Krikkehmm I got it running14:38
Krikkebut seems there is no driver to run X16:41
Krikkedevice I mean16:41
enigma9o7For reference, I had to enable developer options in patch manager to get the multi-instance patch to work.19:22
enigma9o7Not sure what you mean about no device to run X tho.  You do have to install QXcompositor....19:23
Krikkeenigma9o7: I have it, then it shows the XWAYLAND screen20:47
Krikkebut I want to run a separate Xserver so I can see it on the external monitor20:48
Krikkebut I guess it's just not possible20:48

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