Saturday, 2020-02-08

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patrixlhello all!06:16
StyXmanpatrixl: o/07:22
StyXmannot much traffic here...07:22
patrixljust looking for the best place to get info/share experiences with SFOS on the pinephone...07:22
patrixlI figured the "devel" mailing list isn't it ;)07:23
OksanaI have installed Sailfish OS I have installed Storeman - looks nice, but where is Search? I am looking for media player - something to allow playing music I have on device, with help of trackerd; where music can be sorted by ID3/ID2? tags, such as artist, album, genre and whatever else.07:23
r0kk3rzpatrixl: yeah you wont find much on there07:24
OksanaI am looking for media player - something to allow playing music I have on device, with help of trackerd; where music can be sorted by ID3/ID2? tags, such as artist, album, genre and whatever else.07:25
r0kk3rzOksana: theres a search function on openrepos.net07:25
OksanaAnd I do not see how to Search in Storeman - I see categories, I see recently updated, but no Search?07:25
r0kk3rzbut it sounds like the standard jolla media player would suit your needs07:25
r0kk3rzOksana: did you manage to charge your fxtec?07:27
patrixlsince there's some kind of bar at the top of the screen in the store, you can probably swipe down and see the search option.. I ahve vague recollection of doing so earlier today07:27
OksanaHmm, I do not see a media player pre-installed. I see Phone, Messages, Browser, Camera, People, Store, Gallery, Settings, Tutorial, Clock, Terminal, Components, and now Storeman.07:27
Oksanar0kk3rz: Yes, thank you! :-) It turned out that while trying out a memory card in Fxtec Pro1, I formatted the weird partitions which turned out to be internal phone partitions crucial for boot process. So, had to flash these partitions; Sailfish OS and user data are intact, thanks to tdm's Factory Restore Tool.07:29
r0kk3rzaha! well im glad it was reversable07:29
r0kk3rzyou can check the jolla store for the standard media player07:30
OksanaI do not use Jolla's store because I haven't got Jolla's account yet. Jolla is nicer than Google, but I still see no reason to get a system-wide cloud-y account when I can use Linux account-less.07:30
r0kk3rzother than the store, the account doesnt do anything07:32
r0kk3rzbut at any rate there are other players available through storeman07:33
OksanaSMPC, mpd client... Maybe. And isn't Jolla account related to Sailfish OS updates, as well, besides App Store?07:33
r0kk3rznot for unofficial devices like the fxtec07:34
r0kk3rzalthough ive not tried an ota update without one, it might fail on the jolla repos07:34
OksanaDeadBeef audio player, too, besides SMPC...07:36
OksanaID3 tag editor, but that's not a music player. More like, supplementary software, if music player doesn't have a plug-in for tag editing.09:32
OksanaSirenSong. What does it mean, enable repository first?09:33
r0kk3rzso on storeman, each developer has their own repo09:35
r0kk3rzwhich gets added before anything gets installed09:35
r0kk3rzor you can usually just download the rpm from openrepos.net09:36
OksanaTMO link is a plus ;-) And compatibility with Pebble watch. And large music libraries.  Headset button bindings. Next/Play/Pause. I don't need or want equalizer, and if I wanted it, shouldn't equalizer be something system-wide, like Alsa, I think? Headphone Jack Events detection would be nice, of course.09:37
OksanaHow do I add a repo? Other than "Download rpm manually, and enable repository on the way"?09:37
OksanaSirenSong is nice, but does it have Albums view? Or, Artists view?09:39
r0kk3rzthe pulley menu has a few different views09:40
* Oksana is coming from Maemo 5 Fremantle, probably spoiled by the Nokia's Media Player09:41
r0kk3rzi developed sirensong yeeeears ago, when the only choice was jolla-media and quasarmx09:43
OksanaAh, I see! Sort by Artist, Sort by Song, or Search! Wish there was a separate "Unknown" artist for those songs which do not have an Artist specified in tags?.. Either way, there are a few audio files by artist who somehow didn't get into list of Artists - probably something trackerd-related about parsing of tags?09:44
OksanaYes, I can see it :-) Four years ago, or so09:44
OksanaOh, and Storeman does have Search! In pulley menu.09:45
OksanaSMPC requires an mpd server?.. Sounds tiresome, but will see if there is an mpd server for Sailfish OS...09:49
OksanaSo, Storeman doesn't have a button to add repository. Remove, sure. But not add?09:52
OksanaAh, pulley menu of an app offers to add repository for said app.09:58
OksanaIn SirenSong, I have added five files to Play Queue. Where is that Play Queue and Play/Pause buttons?..10:05
r0kk3rzjust press on one song in the queue10:06
OksanaAh, just clicking a song causes jump to the play queue. While simultaneously adding the song to the end of the queue.10:07
OksanaSo, I have got ABCDEA queue :-)10:07
OksanaNo, more complicated. No idea how a few audio files are in the queue after abcdea - I didn't click "Add to queue" for them. But then, I am fairly new to Silica GUI.10:09
r0kk3rzit auto queues10:13
r0kk3rzyou can disable that though10:13
km52can you see photos of your dropbox, facebook etc accounts? I cant17:49
km52havent look gallery in long time.17:49
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kkaariusing Sony xa217:53
kkaarii can put photos there, but doesnt show anymore.17:57
kkaariyep, sync does not work for me18:03
kkaarionly upload.18:03
tortoisedocis there a way to enable keyboard support on emulator?19:14

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