Sunday, 2020-02-09

WikiwideAnybody tried installing DeadBeef Silica from Storeman? I get an error about being unable to install due to not being provided.01:42
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Sailor3354_which version of youtube apk is working on sailfish os07:32
r0kk3rzwhat device?07:34
Sailor3354_Xperia XA209:29
Sailor3354_or can i instsall google play services?09:30
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OksanaSo far the only email client I have noticed for Sailfish OS is mutt. And since I am using Sailfish OS, I want something with native (Silica?) GUI as email client - not command-line. Any recommendations?23:28
fledermausisn't there the native client thingy from the phones?23:37
OksanaI haven't got a Jolla account (yet?). I am using Storeman with open repositories. And it seems like there are no Jolla apps pre-installed (though there is Store).23:39
fledermauslook for one from Jolla simply called "Mail"23:42

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