Thursday, 2020-02-13

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OksanaA lot of packages in Storeman don't get installed, because of absence of libaudioresource , binutils , perl or whatever else. I have looked at , but mer-tools seems to be non-existent for Sailfish OS
OksanaI am tired. Zypper allows to install jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-sip - which is not visible in Storeman at all! I searched for SIP, I didn't find this SIP extension in Storeman.04:33
r0kk3rzyou notice how that says 'jolla'04:55
r0kk3rzits not a storeman package04:55
r0kk3rzthats from jolla repos04:56
r0kk3rzand SIP doesnt really work, i think it only half works04:56
OksanaHmm, so Storeman is GUI only for Openrepos, not for any other repositories? Is there any other GUI for zypper, which would cover Jolla and Openrepos both? I haven't seen one...05:10
OksanaWill try SIP, interesting point about it only half-working...05:11
r0kk3rznot to my knowledge05:11
r0kk3rzin theory anything that works with packagekit could do that05:12
r0kk3rzbut openrepos doesnt work like things you would find in desktop linux world05:12
OksanaWell, jolla-messages is pre-installed. But, for example, Calendar is not. Email is not And so on...05:13
r0kk3rzthose things are supposed to get installed as part of out of box experience, but after jolla account creation05:13
r0kk3rzwhich you skipped05:13
OksanaWell, zypper does work with openrepos. I understand that it is unusual, in the sense that there are lots of individual by-author repositories, instead of catch-all large repository...05:14
r0kk3rzyeah, so if you're only looking at zypper you will only see things from those authors, and not the whole picture of everything thats on openrepos05:15
OksanaHmm... More reading on zypper, packagekit, Storeman, Openrepos and usual-repositories would be required to figure out the "proper" set-up for that (what is back-end, front-end, plug-in, and whatever else)05:18
OksanaAnd I still don't see how to install perl! Well, zypper install perl work. Next, zypper install binutils, and figure out libaudioresource...05:20
OksanaInstalling Imageworks and ImageMagick!05:24
OksanaWill be reading up on pkcon search later. Because my impression is that zypper search is only for name of package, not for description.05:29
enigma9o7Hello party peoples.05:50
enigma9o7I tried to build supertux directly on my device.  But it runs kinda slow.  I'm wondering why.  But I dunno much.05:51
enigma9o7Does sdl2 use hardware acceleration?05:51
r0kk3rzshould do05:51
enigma9o7The same source can run fast on my pentium 4, so I dont understand why it runs slow on my much faster phone.05:52
enigma9o7When I did the build, I did the GLES2 option.05:53
enigma9o7And other than that, I just followed github instructions, cmake .. and make05:53
r0kk3rzcheck top, see if you're running out of go05:53
r0kk3rzwhich device?05:54
enigma9o7Fxtec pro┬╣05:54
enigma9o7So when I run top, I see 80% cpu.05:55
enigma9o7This also correlates with what I saw when I ran gnome-system-monitor under ubu-chroot, one cpu using 80%05:56
r0kk3rzthe fxtec should have a pretty decent gpu i would've thought05:56
r0kk3rzenough to play a game anyway05:56
enigma9o7whatevers in snapdragon83505:56
enigma9o7but should be decent05:56
enigma9o7I think its not the device fault, but something about my build.05:57
enigma9o7However, one thing is when I run it on pentium 4, for example, its in 640x480.  On pro1, only 2160x108005:58
enigma9o7but thats why i wondered if its using hardware for video with sdl2 stuff05:58
enigma9o780% is also high, but thats just the one cpu, and it doesnt ever peg, cuz i left gnome-system-monitor running so i could look at the graph, it just sticks around 80%, never maxes out05:59
enigma9o7One question, you said make sure it's not running out of "go".... I assumed that meant go like power to go or something, as in cpu... but did perhaps you mean something else that I dont understand?06:01
r0kk3rz80% for a simple game does sound like software rendering06:02
enigma9o7yep, thats why im trying to blame sdl2, since based on my limited understanding, the part i built just passes the video to sdl2 thats already built and installed, and i installed that from repos06:04
r0kk3rzyeah but that ultimately goes to gles, which there should be platform binaries for06:05
r0kk3rzi think aida64 can show gpu usage06:06
r0kk3rzjust for a look06:06
r0kk3rzare you sure the gles2 option worked?06:11
enigma9o7Fairly sure.06:11
enigma9o7ccmake to verify06:11
enigma9o7I'm looking at AIDA now to see what I can see, but don't see anything sueful yet.06:11
enigma9o7looking at cpu, it shows utilization low cuz its averaging all the cores.06:11
enigma9o7display just shows static values06:12
enigma9o7To be clear, I'm sure I set the option to use GLES2.  If I didnt set that option, I'd get errors about opengl.06:13
r0kk3rzi wonder if it has the whole asymmetric cores thing06:13
enigma9o7I don't see any way in AIDA to see if GPU is being used.06:14
enigma9o7It would be great to see a GPU % like CPU, cuz then yeah I could see if it used it.06:14
r0kk3rzpretty sure its there somewhere06:14
enigma9o7And if it was using it, I could see if it was maxing out its capabilities.... but I really dont think it would anyway, this isn't even 3D game....06:14
r0kk3rzyeah no way06:15
r0kk3rzin aida64 under display there should be stuff about gpu06:16
enigma9o7Oh ok.06:17
enigma9o7I didnt bother to look close.06:17
enigma9o7Yep, utilization is changing.06:17
enigma9o7between 0 and so far highest i've seen is 2106:17
enigma9o7ok saw a 49%06:18
enigma9o7Anyway.  It's not maxing out GPU but is using it.06:18
enigma9o7Unless there's a way to save a graph or save peak value, I can't actively play the game and see what happens with the gpu utiliziation tho.  But the game is doing its own thing in the background while I monitor it.06:19
r0kk3rzwell its doing something06:25
r0kk3rzthere should also be opengl info on that screen06:26
WikiwideThere is telepathy for SIP (rakia?), but I do not see telepathy for IRC (idle?) for Sailfish OS.09:34
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keithzg[m]Is there a decent QML-only (ie. not C++ or even python) example app out there these days? Wanting to get started on some app work today but the laptop I'll have with me later very much can't run the SailfishOS SDK. (And the logic should be simple enough that I won't need more than JavaScript anyways.)21:12
attahWell, i guess the example/template app from the sdk still qualifies, even if you have to generate it elsewhere. Also there was something about building in some docker container and not full-blown sdk for other limited machines21:20
keithzg[m]attah_: I don't imagine the Docker container option would work when the problem I'm facing is an incompatibility in CPU arch, but generating an example from the SDK on another machine sounds like a good plan! Thanks!21:46
* keithzg[m] goes about installing the SDK on his work PC21:47
Nico[m]Your laptop isn't x86 based?21:47
keithzg[m]Nico: Indeed 'tis not, I have an x86 laptop as well but the one I'm carrying with today is ARM, specifically it's a Pinebook Pro.21:48
Nico[m]Yeah, the docker container needs x86 atm afaik21:48
keithzg[m]Qt Creator itself can be installed there though, at least in theory.21:48
keithzg[m]Well shucks, generating a QML-only project shows an error in PageOne.qml: Could not resolve the prototype "SilicaItem" of "PageHeader". (M301)22:12
keithzg[m]Although the template app when deployed on my Xperia seems to run fine.22:12
keithzg[m]Drat, I figured Qt.labs.settings wouldn't be available but I figured it was worth a try anyways . . .oh well. Off to the Silica documentation I go!22:21

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