Friday, 2020-02-14

r0kk3rzkeithzg[m]: you wont have the silica stuff on desktop unfortunately02:20
r0kk3rzid recommend running it on device anyway, do some remote dev work over ssh or something02:21
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WikiwideAn interesting question about auto-rotation of display depending on accelerometer's readings...11:12
WikiwideWhat if the accelerometer is built into the keyboard half of the inclined slider, making accelerometer's angle distinctly different from display angle when keyboard is open?11:13
WikiwideThen auto-rotation will be distinctly uncomfortable - and that's not even mentioning the guess that with keyboard open, user may wish for display to be oriented together with keyboard.11:14
WikiwideI think that's the situation with Fxtec Pro111:14
WikiwideWelcome back :-)11:15
malWikiwide: that needs some thinking, it might make sense to fix orientation if keyboard is out12:06
mal*fix orientation to landspace12:07
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attahkeithzg[m]: i too have a Pinebook Pro coming in... but i have no idea when they'll actually ship... would be nice to know what you come up with20:02
olI think, Pinebook Pro can be a good platform for native ARM development. No need for emulation.20:14
attahBut is it close enough to avoid cross-compilation?20:32
keithzg[m]attah: I think all the distro options for the Pinebook Pro that exist right now are all aarch64, not sure if making an armhf one would be possible. Although that being said I think armhf chroots would be possible?21:20
attahinteresting, i hope i'll get to play with it soon21:21
keithzg[m]Oh wait, the arch of the Xperia install is aarch64? Huh!21:22
Nico[m]The sailfish userspace is sadly mostly 32bit atm, but the kernel is aarch64, afaik21:28
olYes, I can confirm this.21:29
keithzg[m]Nico: Ah, fair, that explains my confusion (I figured it was 32-bit due to recollection of seeing info while installing/upgrading packages from the CLI)21:29
* keithzg[m] decided to compile the Sailfish SDK, or at least the Qt Creator portion of it, on his Pinebook Pro. Lets see how long this takes . . .22:35
r0kk3rzgood luck with that22:55
r0kk3rzthat said the qtc part is the least of your worries22:55
r0kk3rzi mean, you should be able to use sb2 on arm, maybe22:56
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keithzg[m]Compilation failed with an error of "invalid use of incomplete type 'class QTimerEvent'" in asynchronous.cpp, hrmm23:13

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