Saturday, 2020-02-15

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keithzg[m]Damn, the SDK worked fine for compiling on my work PC the other day, but here at home also running Kubuntu 19.10 it just mysteriously isn't; nothing's reported in the Issues tab or anything, and the compile output ( doesn't really clarify anything for me.23:13
malwhat is the problem?23:24
keithzg[m]mal: Well nothing's actually getting built; no RPM files are being created even though I've selected the RPM for manual deployment option.23:36
* keithzg[m] sent a long message: < >23:37
keithzg[m](And the issues tab is empty)23:37
keithzg[m]Tried creating just a fresh project in the SDK and although I get past qmake then I get what looks identical to the first error instead. Sigh.23:42
keithzg[m]The whole 'QTemporaryDir: Unable to remove "/tmp/merssh-BLAH"' would seem a promising thread to pull on as an error but it's a new folder created each time and they're all empty . . .23:43

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