Sunday, 2020-02-16

malkeithzg[m]: which deploy mode are you using?00:10
keithzg[m]mal: As stated above, the option for building RPM for manual deployment. Although I have also tried the other two deployment options (as well as i486 rather than armv7hl) and had the same result :(00:13
malI always use the deploy as rpm00:13
keithzg[m]Well, I was going to copy the RPM file over manually to my SailfishX device and didn't feel like fiddling with setting up auto-deployment to it.00:15
keithzg[m]More the fool is me, really, thinking I'd get as far as having to worry about such concerns, hah00:17
keithzg[m]I'm just really baffled though, it all worked so smoothly yesterday on my work PC, running the exact same Linux distro!00:19
keithzg[m]I wouldn't be surprised if I'm just doing something silly and wrong, but I can't even think what that could be.00:19
malis the folder where it build in some external disk with some problematic mount options in use?00:21
malthe path in the log indicates it's on some possibly external storage which in theory could cause issues if it's not mounted with suitable options00:23
malalthough the other parts show it build under /home00:24
malbut the logs also show things like make: Nothing to be done for 'qmake_all'.00:24
keithzg[m]I mean I suppose it's possible that's a problem, although the storage is on a btrfs drive where my /etc/fstab entry I've literally chosen "defaults" for the options, heh.00:24
malclean to project from settings and grab a fresh output after that00:25
keithzg[m]Just tried creating a fresh new test project in my home and got the same results :(00:25
keithzg[m](That's the compile output of me creating a fresh project in the IDE and then telling it to build, nothing else.)00:26
malwhich type of project did you select when you created the new on?00:27
keithzg[m]I think this one was QML only.00:29
malbtw, that "QTemporaryDir: Unable to remove "/tmp/merssh-gUsXxq" most likely due to the presence of read-only files." is normal00:29
malI get it also00:29
keithzg[m]Yeah fair enough, I was figuring it might be spurious.00:30
malok, qml only maybe explains why doesn't show any actual build in ther00:30
maland why make returns nothing to be done00:30
keithzg[m]Just tried a completely default new project (didn't switch the option to QML only, didn't checkmark the arm build profile and left only the i486 one), and . . . same result.00:30
malstill no sign of c++ build in the output?00:31
malwhy doesn't it build the c++ part of the code00:32
malI see on my own build that it run g++ after the make command near the end00:33
keithzg[m]Hrmm, I tried a second time and this time I do see a brief g++ run at the end?00:34
keithzg[m]Maybe it is the filesystem somehow?00:35
malhmm, after the "process make exited normally" near the end I see on my a message "Building RPM package..."00:36
malthat step is missing for your build00:36
malso it builds the code but doesn't try to make an rpm00:36
malit's a bit late now so maybe more tomorrow, it's almost 3 am here00:37
keithzg[m]mal: Thanks for your help though! Checkout out from my git repo again but on my /home, it *does* seem to all work now. I know there's a warning that stuff outside of a user's home won't work in the SDK but then during the installation you can specify a secondary directory instead, and I guess that just isn't working? Either way, it's working now :)00:40
malkeithzg[m]: so it was the folder?00:41
keithzg[m]mal: Yup, in some form or another at least, since a checkout under my actual home works fine. Which may be a bit annoying since I don't have much space left on this drive . . . but on the other hand it's been needing an upgrade anyways ;)00:42
malkeithzg[m]: just to be sure, you had sources on the external drive, was also the build output directory there?00:43
malkeithzg[m]: maybe there is some way around that, on platform sdk (used for building device adaptations) I have used some bind mount magic to mount a folder on an external driver so it can be used in the chroot environment00:44
keithzg[m]mal: Originally. Then I tried making it a symlink inside my home, and the build output directory was then in my home as a sibling directory of that symlink.00:44
malsymlink won't work probably00:45
malbecause things are not happening in same environment00:45
malwould be interesting to check if there is some way to make such a setup work00:46
malbut time to get some sleep now, good that it works now00:47
keithzg[m]Yeah, many thanks again for helping me through that mal :) Good night!00:48
keithzg[m]What the . . . now I opened the project I was actually hoping to work on, in a fresh checkout in a subfolder of my home directory, and I get ':-1: error: Project is outside of shared home "/home/keithzg" and shared src "/home/keithzg".Invalid command arguments'. Arghh.01:00
keithzg[m]Deleting the .pro.user file seems to have forced it to check again and realize it's fine, phew. Okay, now to log off and actually do some programming finally :D01:05
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