Monday, 2020-02-17

Oksana_Default calendar app has two calendars by default: Birthdays and Personal. How do I add more calendars?00:40
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keithzg[m]Is there any equivalent of `Qt.labs.settings` or whatnot with Silica? That is to say, something pre-existing for saving and reading back settings, purely within QML.00:49
r0kk3rznemo settings00:54
keithzg[m]r0kk3rz: Oho! Somehow I missed that in my perusal of the doc site. Many thanks :)00:57
OksanaGiven Stellarium's usage of landscape, I reckon that Stellarium code could be used to make a plug-in for 3D navigation app. But have got to find 3D navigation app first. Navit might be nice - except that Navit-Silica seems to be non-existent, Navit-OpenStreetMap is troublesome, and such...01:18
r0kk3rzpure maps is what you want01:19
OksanaQuestion: I have OSM Scout installed. Does it mean I have OSM Scout server installed? Probably not.01:20
r0kk3rzno idea01:21
r0kk3rzrinigus is the person to talk to about that stuff01:21
OksanaOSM Scout probably includes the same logic as in OSM Scout Server, but doesn't expose it to other apps.01:22
OksanaInstalling Pure Maps and Mimic :-) Thank you!01:23
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rinigusOksana : Osm scout server is needed if you wish to use pure maps offline. These days, it's not using much libosmscout, as karry's osm scout app does05:40
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Oksanarinigus: Thank you! I have installed OSM Scout Server, it works well. How does subscription work, does it mean directly downloading changes from, like, edit by edit?23:07
OksanaBecause I wonder whether it is possible to add a plug-in to OSM Scout Server which would allow the subscription to be bi-directional: with login to to send edits back.23:08

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