Tuesday, 2020-02-18

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rinigusOksana: no, you get datasets that were imported for specific backends. I do these imported once in 2-3 month, as it takes considerable amount of cpu cycles05:02
OksanaSo, it's not exactly OpenStreetMap.org format - it's a different format, and conversion is done on a "cloud" server, so that OSM Scout Server can download the result of conversion whenever it is newer than the one on device?05:13
rinigusOksana : no, it's not. Conversion is done on a server and then pushed for distribution. Conversion scripts are a part of the code base and are available in osm scout server repo.  It's expected that users check for updates once in a while and I try to always announce new imports at tmo06:00
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Wikiwidecoderus: Thank you for the application to add (and delete) search engines to web browser! One question : is it possible to integrate this into web browser's Settings page instead?11:53
WikiwideLike, a patch, or something?11:53
coderusWikiwide: why? app is more suitable for normal users.11:54
WikiwideBecause it is altering browser's settings, and doing nothing else? I understand that having it as separate app makes it easier to reach, less clicks...11:56
WikiwideBut I am trying to minimise number of icons/apps by having the additional functionality invisible/integrated.11:57
WikiwideIt's just a dream, of course, but I would want Stellarium to be plug-in of 3D maps, pulling in data from Weather as well (light pollution, clouds, sun, and such).11:58
WikiwideImagine how difficult to scroll it would be if "Configure Clock's Alarms" (snooze for 5, 10 or 15 minutes) was a separate icon in the app list.12:00
WikiwideIf every app had a second, separate icon for its settings.12:00
kirvesAxeYeah, sounds silly to have a separate app to adjust some app's certain setting :)12:31

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