Saturday, 2020-02-22

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WikiwideWhen attempting to port a package from OpenSUSE to OpenRepos, is there a preference between 15.10 and 8.1 src rpms?10:22
WikiwideWhich version of OpenSUSE is most similar to Sailfish OS
Nico[m]Probably none, they just share the package format.10:55
WikiwideOn the level of versions of the simplest of packages?10:57
Wikiwideglibc 2.28 in Sailfish OS11:10
zenkurowhat had happened in last update with backspace button?16:20
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WikiwideHello! I am new to OpenRepos. Could you please help me to register with SailfishOS Open Build Service? Thank you!19:38
Wikiwidelbt: Could you please register me on the Community Bugzilla so that I would be able to log in to SailfishOS Open Build Service and submit a package to be built? Thank you!19:43

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