Sunday, 2020-02-23

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WikiwideGoing by glibc, Sailfish OS is somewhere between openSUSE 15.1 and 15.10. That sounds great.02:14
Wikiwide/me should check back-scroll, but will do it later02:15
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OksanaHmm, nothing missed. But then, humans mights be off-line during weekends...04:15
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zenkuroWikiwide: sailfish is an opensuse?15:08
OksanaThey just have same package format, rpm.20:01
zenkurobut anyway, what distro sailfish is clode too?20:05
Dakonbased on mer20:05
Nico[m]Well, it is its own independent distro, based on mer20:06
Nico[m]mer is a result of Meego/Harmattan20:06
Nico[m]Which was a merger of Moblin and Meego, I think?20:06
Nico[m]One of them was based on debian and the other on Fedora or so, but I may misremembering that20:07
Nico[m]It didn't even use RPM initially, Meego/Harmattan used debs, it only changed that later20:07
Nico[m]So comparing it to other RPM based distributions may be misleading20:08
OksanaHarmattan may also be known as Maemo 6, and Maemo is Debian-based.20:08
Nico[m]Ah, yeah, Maemo was it20:09
OksanaOr, since Maemo usually doesn't use systemd, Devuan-based, but that's semantics.20:11
Nico[m]Well, at the time Debian didn't use systemds20:11
Nico[m]I don't think systemd was even really a thing at the time20:12
OksanaSailfishOS does use systemd, for the record.20:12
OksanaYes, the distinction is of importance mostly for Maemo 7 Leste.20:13
Nico[m]So anyway, I think you could say, Sailfish isn't close to any of the desktop distributions anymore20:15
Nico[m]Although it does support zypper as a package manager and OBS, like OpenSUSE, that is only a tool used on it and not a significant relation to OpenSUSE20:15
Oksanalbt: Could you please register me on the Community Bugzilla so that I would be able to log in to SailfishOS Open Build Service and submit a package to be built? Thank you!20:15
* Oksana is Wikiwide, for the record20:17
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r0kk3rzmer is no longer a seperate entity, so its easier to just say that sailfish is its own thing, built from source22:48
r0kk3rzany similarities to other linux distros is only by chance22:48
r0kk3rzalthough generally if you want to package something, fedora specs are a good start22:49
malyep, as mentioned in blog mer is no more
malr0kk3rz: usually either fedora or opensuse are good starting points for packaging, I think I have used fedora specs more22:51
r0kk3rzi find suse specs needs more cleanup because they often have a lot of suse specific flags22:57

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