Thursday, 2020-02-27

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OksanaLooolz. It seems that I was already registered at Mer Bugzilla back in 2014. Found that out because searched my email for "from:bugzilla" and found one single email from bugzilla at Mer . Will see if I can log in back again... Forgot password...05:37
OksanaDo not see what my username is, but otherwise, yes, logged in well.05:40
OksanaLogged in to Mer Bugzilla, that is.05:42
OksanaLogging in to gives 500: Internal Server Error05:42
OksanaAh, using "Wikiwide" as username, instead of email, settles that. Logged in...05:43
OksanaUnder "" , I do not see "", hmm...05:58
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NeocoolOsaako kukaa kertoa miksi xperia XA2:ssa ei toimi sormenjälki lukija, tupla napautus ja nettijako USB kaapelilla? Eilen flashitty Nuuksio ja android 9 oli pohjalla. Johtuuko juuri tuosta androidin 9 versiosta vai menikä joku flashissä vikaa? Videoilla on kumminki sormenjälki lukija ja tuplanautukset joillain kumminkin toimineet.16:31
kirvesAxeNeocool, jos kysyt saman enkuksi niin potentiaalisten auttajien määrä kasvaa kummasti :)16:41
NeocoolkirvesAxe, mä aattelin kokeilla suomeks, vaikka arvelin, et enkuks saa enemmän vastauksia... :D16:49
NeocoolCan anybody tell why fingerprint sensor, double tap and internet sharing over USB don't work xperia XA2. I flashed yesterday Nuuksia over android 9? Is problem android 9, or went something wrong on flashing. Some videos what i watched on XA2 they have working fingerprint sensor and double tap.16:57
malfingerprint should work, double tap is not supported and internet sharing over usb might not be supported feature, how did you try the sharing?17:00
NeocoolAnd CSD tool says Fingerprint sensor: Fail Timeout while comunicating with fingerprint daemon.17:01
maldid you reboot just in case?17:01
NeocoolAbout 50 times, i think that isn't problem. :D17:02
oozboozI flashed XA2 H3123 last week and finger print does work...17:03
NeocoolI use this code on sharing: pkcon install usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-connman-config17:04
malthat package won't work, that is for older devices afaik17:05
NeocoolI have seen vieos where people have working finger print sensor, but i got only fail in CSD tool...17:05
malNeocool: just to be sure, did you download correct image?17:05
NeocoolI have 99.99 persent sure that one was right...17:06
maldid you install it in linux or windows?17:06
maldo you still have the installation package on your computer to check which one it was17:07
NeocoolThat internet sharing isn't end of the world, but nice thing to get work.17:07
Neocooland SW_binaries_for_Xperia_Android_8.1.6.4_r1_v16_nile17:07
malgrab output of /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat after you try to use fingerprint sensor17:10
NeocoolBut that finger print sensor i like get to work... And yes XA2 don't have native support on double tap, but i have seen that work on XA2 same model what i have...17:10
NeocoolI don't sure how do that...17:11
malif you enable developer mode in settings and then ssh in or after enabling developer mode run terminal app on device and run it there17:12
NeocoolAnd when i try to add finger print or just on anywhere, or when screen is off...17:12
malmaybe after you try it in csd tool17:13
Neocool02-27 17:14:35.856  3364  3364 D FPC ET  : SendCommand: Sending command 0 (step = 1)17:14
Neocool02-27 17:14:35.857  3364  3364 D FPC ET  : Prepare rc = 0, next step = 117:14
malis that all?17:15
NeocoolSame 2 line meny time but nothing chance...17:16
malwhat does "systemctl status sailfish-fpd" say?17:18
Sailor4930Thanks! Jolla, From N900 back to SailfishOS@Experia XA219:01
x2s.oO( I still need a way to reset the modem the hard way... so I can make an app called "kill the modem", when it crashes. )19:22
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