Friday, 2020-02-28

OksanaBuilding.... Will take a while, OpenFOAM likes dependencies...02:24
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Oksanagcc-fortran , why doesn't the builder see that? I find it easier to download pre-built package from than get a source package02:39
OksanaAny tips on how to upload multiple files for a package at OBS? Uploading one-by-one through web page gets tedious.03:16
r0kk3rzOksana: use osc04:56
spiiroinNeocool: atm usb connection sharing does not work in xa2. should be fixed in 3.3.0 - some more info at:
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oozboozwhat is your fav choice of podcast app?17:01
PeperJohnnyoozbooz: I'm using gpodder and like it very much. I used to use Podqast too, but the workflow wasn't for me17:12
oozboozdoes gPodder have setting to change storage to SD card17:20
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oozbooz^^^ found the answer - env variable (good enough)21:42
OksanaWhat is a good pdf reader on SailfishOS? I couldn't find any.23:17
Nico[m]The stock one doesn't work for you?23:18
kirvesAxe"Documents" etc?23:18
OksanaMany packages didn't come pre-installed - such as, email.  What's the name of the package?..23:35
Oksanapkcon search documents doesn't say it.23:36
Oksanapkcon search  jolla seems to not have it, either.23:40
Nico[m]Can you not just open the store and install it?23:48
OksanaNo Jolla account, so far.23:50
Nico[m]It usually asks you in the setup phase to select the apps you want and then it installs them, so without that, it may look a bit bare. Let me look the package names up23:52
Nico[m]The mail app is jolla-email23:58
Nico[m]So if your search doesn't find it, you probably don't have the repo enabled, since you don't have an account23:58

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