Saturday, 2020-02-29

OksanaI  have got the email by now, thank you - zypper got it even without Jolla account. But I cannot seem to find Documents...00:04
Nico[m]Try sailfish-office00:06
OksanaThank you!00:27
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attahHow do i set certain uri schemes to be opened with the Android runtime?14:17
kimmoliattah:  maybe with this?
attahkimmoli: maybe... are you suggesting the specific version, or the application in general?15:28
attahI have the application, but can't find what i need to do to make it happen15:28
coderusattah: what way you want to do?15:54
coderusattah: with xdg- tools you can assign android desktop to certain mimetypes15:55
attahI really just want appname:// to get opened with a specific app15:56
attahI'll try that15:56
coderusattah: ah then just register urischeme in desktop file15:57
attahThank you15:58
coderusthen you probably want to run update-desktop-database15:59
attahWorks great :)16:02
attahStill didn't make my e-id usable though :(16:03
attahIt insists on using the QR functionality from play services itself, and while separate scanners open the app, it just does nothing16:04
attahSo i tried with the link for "on local device"16:04
attahThere are two differences in the intent from the log though (vs when invoked from an app where it works), the working case has a pkg parameter to the start intent, and it also has a &redirect=null at the end of the uri16:10
attahThe one i opened now had it, but by the time it got to the intent it was stripped :(16:10
coderusattah: show me example what you talking about?16:13
attahsure, anonymizing credentials a bit16:15
coderusattah: send me in pm if you care a chat16:16
attahCould it be a more system-wide issue that Android apps are launched without the pkg parameter present when invoked from appname://?19:33

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