Saturday, 2020-03-07

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attahcoderus: I'm not sure i follow your response... Are you saying aliendalvikcontrol can have broken appname://? (i mean even before my .desktop hacks, and inside the Android runtime too)10:56
coderusattah: is appnamae:// registered by some android app and when you use that url from some other android app it works?10:57
attahwell, this particular case does not work *properly*10:58
attahthe app opens, but does not do what it should10:58
attahbeacuse pkg= is missing10:58
attahusing it from a (Android) qr reader which definitely goes through the appname:// does not work, but another app that uses it did work... so my assumption was that the latter issued the intent more directly11:10
attahbut maybe that is not a thing..11:10
coderusattah: you should ensure if android part is behaving properly itself. or not. without interaacting with sailfishos part.16:16
attahHow do you mean?16:17
coderusattah: try pasting tat appname:// url in android browser, check if it android problem or otherappname:// works in same conditions, which (probably) means appname implemented incorrectly16:19
attahHmmm, no intents triggered by invoking someprotocol:(//) seem to get pkg passed to them16:27
attahHowever, both http:// and spotify: does work without it16:27
attahcoderus: just to double-check... this pkg parameter *could* always have been passed, right? It's not dependent of what the intent takes as parameters, right?16:29
attahAt least what i read looks that way, but since i don't know exactly what it is for, i'm not finding any results that are super clear to me16:43
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coderusattah: sorry i'm sot sure i understand how android stuff should work, i'm not android developer, just googling a lot and trying weird things all the time21:18
attahsame here :)21:19

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