Sunday, 2020-03-08

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tortoisedochas anyone ever had problems with sfos qtcreator not listing sfos project templates (when creating a new project)?11:14
tortoisedocim on linux, with qt community edition & sfos qt creator installed11:14
tortoisedocmoreover, it seems my sfos qt env cant connect to the build engine at all11:15
tortoisedocvery quiet here..11:41
attahtortoisedoc: so what does it look like for you when you press "New Project"?11:54
attahI don't think i'll be able to help, but at least i can contrast with a working setup11:55
tortoisedocattah : one sec, ill send a screenshot11:57
tortoisedocattah :
attahThe "Application" choice is indeed missing11:58
tortoisedocyep :|11:58
tortoisedocand it seems reinstalling does not help; in fact it broke also the connection to the build engine :[11:59
attahi wonder where in the install they are located12:01
attahthey have their own entry in the maintenance tool, i assume you tried (re-)installing them that way12:02
tortoisedoci think it's the basic qtcreator? So somewhere in some qtcreator plugin / template folder...12:02
tortoisedocgood point12:02
tortoisedocill doublecheck12:02
tortoisedocwhat I have unchecked is examples & documentation12:04
tortoisedocwell ill be damned12:04
tortoisedocadding the "Examples" package brought it back \o/12:05
tortoisedoci mean12:05
attahtortoisedoc: so what project(s) are you working on currently?12:07
tortoisedoctrying to get quickbar to react to keyboard events12:09
tortoisedocbut its not as simple as it seems12:09
tortoisedocI dont seem to be able to get any key events from any real kb connected to my xperia so far12:09
tortoisedocterminal does12:09
tortoisedocmy apps dont :|12:09
tortoisedocbasically Ill just need a key logger :D12:10
attahi think i have used at least the web browser with a keyboard12:10
tortoisedocit might have to do with the fact that the window quickbar uses is not a system window per se12:10
tortoisedocmal : bug found & fix included :
tortoisedocattah : what's your projects atm?12:13
tortoisedocthe printing I have not had time to test yet :[  but ive got the app installed12:13
attahNot sure i have anything that counts as going on12:13
attahbut yes, a bit of polishing on SeaPrint will need to happen12:14
attahI'm quite bummed out about the rasterization performance, and crappy interface of Qt's http client12:15
attahso compatibility with cheap printers isn't happening (yet)12:15
tortoisedochmm qt http; is that a must?12:16
attahwell, i could probably use libcurl... but i really don't feel like spending time on reworking that12:18
tortoisedocdoes it have 1.1 / 2 support?12:18
attahBTW, I read that TJC answer as you more or less knowingly had opted out from "Examples", and think it should not have affected templates... but when talking previously, it sounded like you did a default install, that was broken12:19
tortoisedocyeah, no i did not remove examples12:20
attahTo make it more likely to get some attention on the issue, i think that should be made clear(er)12:21
attahmaybe it is a typo with "i did not include", which should have been "it did not include"12:22
tortoisedocadded it not being a non-default install12:26
tortoisedocbut you are right, ill add repro-steps12:26
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attahOh, so you did mean what i understood from your post12:38
tortoisedocyes well12:40
tortoisedocthere's two reasons12:40
tortoisedoca) the default installation was not used12:40
tortoisedocb) the example / documentation package was not selected12:41
tortoisedocboth of these cause the issue I guess12:41
tortoisedocexcept that you MUST use a non-default install to get rid of the examples / docs12:41
attahbut since thy probably consider the Templates to be Examples, one could argue nothing is broken12:41
tortoisedocI mean12:47
tortoisedocwhy not12:48
tortoisedocbut really, why?12:48
attahSo sure, Examples should probably be selected in the default non-default installation, but that's about it right?12:50
tortoisedocattah : really you do not want to go there :D12:54
tortoisedocim a strong believer that less is more anyways12:55
tortoisedocso id get rid of the Examples alltogeher12:55
tortoisedocone could argue they are obsolete and misleading anyways12:55
tortoisedocyou could see them as the "good intention" on the way to hell :D12:58
tortoisedocanyways, thanks for the help attah!13:02
attahno worries, happy to be the one being able to help for once13:05
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