Tuesday, 2020-03-17

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dcaliste_Hello chriadam, how are you ?07:57
chriadamhi dcaliste_ I'm well thanks.  how are you?  recovered from your illness I hope?07:58
dcaliste_So so. Today meeting may be shorten than usual because I need to stay at home and look over my son doing his school at home...08:00
dcaliste_About your mkcal MR to add a guard against cancelled status, I'm sorry, I was not clear yesterday : you cannot call setAlarm() from updateNotebook().08:03
dcaliste_Indeed, this setAlarm() is using calendar() internally, but when calling updateNotebook(), the calendar may not be up-to-date and may not contain any of the events at hand.08:04
chriadamno problem - it's definitely an interesting time at the moment.  I hope you recover swiftly!08:04
chriadammakes sense.  I will undo my change, and add the required check into the setAlarmsForNotebook() method08:05
dcaliste_That's why I made all these setAlarm() and resetAlarm() protected method, so nobody can call them without knowing about this internal event in calendar handling.08:05
chriadamah!  silly me.  thank you for explaining08:05
dcaliste_As I commented in gitlab, it is better in fact to put it in Private::setAlarm(), because the status is part of the event.08:06
dcaliste_It's a tricky part, and I'm happy that these functions are not public API anymore, so we can change them as we want.08:06
chriadamsounds good08:06
chriadamI saw that you updated the caldav PR related to current-user-principal.   thanks for that - I will check it properly tomorrow08:08
chriadamgitlab isn't loading comments currently for me, unfortunately, but I think mkcal MR#17 is ready also, is that true?08:11
dcaliste_Yes, I added a test for and noticed that my fix broke your case !08:12
chriadamthere is some associated change in n-q-p-calendar if memory serves, I wonder if we psuhed that one yet, let me chec08:12
dcaliste_Yes, mkcal!17 goes with a MR in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar.08:12
dcaliste_Don't remember which one...08:12
dcaliste_And gitlab is a bit tired at the moment.08:13
chriadamsave all day exception as clocktime to be zone free?  MR#49?08:13
dcaliste_Yes, sounds like it.08:13
chriadamflypig: pvuorela: any issues with me merging those two this week?08:14
chriadamnemo-qml-plugin-calendar MR#49 and mkcal MR#1708:14
dcaliste_I wanted to point to a TJC cbeta report also, but TJC is not loading neither...08:15
dcaliste_About CalDAV, failing on an exception defined outside the recurrence.08:16
chriadamthat one sounds similar to the issue flypig filed, should be fixed now IIRC08:17
dcaliste_You fixed it recently with a MR in caldav. I wanted to know if you think it can be pushed in a upgrade-3.3.0 branch or not ?08:17
chriadaminteresting question08:17
chriadampvuorela: do you know whether 3.3.0 is accepting fixes still?  getting quite late in release cycle now unfortunately..08:18
chriadamwell, he might not have started work today yet.  I will follow up with him.  unfortunately, I think 3.3.0 is probably closed to new fixes08:20
chriadambut let's see08:20
dcaliste_Yeh, I was afraid of this...08:21
dcaliste_Then There are two points about on-going work :08:21
dcaliste_- a MR in caldav (that will need be rebased when the current-user-principal is in) to add more discovery code in initialisation, particularly for read-only notebooks.08:22
dcaliste_- the work shared with flypig about the proper handling of alarms for disabled account or calendars.08:23
chriadamhas that "proper handling of alarms" stuff been merged?  I thought it was already?08:23
dcaliste_For the later, only disbaled accounts are now working. We planned a step 3 for disabled calendars. With changes to be done in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar.08:23
dcaliste_I begun to gave a look, and had trouble with reverse association between account service and notebooks.08:24
chriadamthought we stored the accountId in the notebook?08:24
chriadamoh, you mean, notebook uid should be stored in the accoutn settings?08:25
dcaliste_Because it would require to know from account in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar if the service handling the notebook at hand is disabled.08:25
chriadamI see08:25
chriadamflypig had added something liek that to contactsd08:25
dcaliste_I need to do more tests and research about this.08:26
dcaliste_Thanks for pointing this to me.08:26
chriadambut he only checked caldav+google-calendar, with: checking for service.type === "caldav" || (service.type === "sync" && service.name === "google.Calendar")08:26
chriadambut something more is probably required for activesync unfortunately08:26
chriadamand we should have some generic way :-/08:26
dcaliste_Yeh, will continue to discuss this next meeting I think. I need to continue thinking about this.08:28
chriadamsounds good.  hopefully flypig can join us next week also08:29
chriadamdid you have anything else to discuss this week?08:29
dcaliste_No, that's it. Thank you.08:30
chriadamthank you very much.  I hope you and your family stay safe during these stressful times!08:30
chriadamsee you next week!08:30
dcaliste_Yeh, it will be fine, weather is good and home comfortable ;)08:30
dcaliste_See you.08:31
chriadamgreat :-)  gnight!08:31
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rinigusnow what are the odds to have a topic removed TWICE from the meeting agenda at TJC. let's try again...12:25
malrinigus: which topic?12:26
rinigusmal: general question regarding qt update12:28
malwhy was it removed, by mistake?12:28
rinigusI think others just happened to edit at the same time12:28
Mister_Magisterhmm google accounts seem to not work anymore, i had problems with deleting emails past months but now i can't even receive them. tried removing and readding account and now it's stuck on updating accoutn after trying to refresh emails12:31
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