Wednesday, 2020-03-18

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ajalkaneSomewhere on the last couple of Sailfish updates, my app started to behave strangely. The dialog I bring forth to the screen, it does not anymore blur the background. So the texts are hard to read etc. This is a background application that shows the dialog in certain conditions. Does this ring any bells to anyone and what should I do to make the background turn a bit darker or blurrier so that the20:43
ajalkanedialog I display is more readable?20:44
ajalkaneOne other detail, to speed-up the displaying of the dialog, the QML is preloaded on application start-up. I suspect there's something changed here between Sailfish versions, so that when I preload the QML using SailfishApp::createView() etc., it somehow does not apply everything as usual when I actually open the dialog21:12
coderusajalkane: show code :)21:56

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