Thursday, 2020-03-19

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ajalkanecoderus: here's the starting point for displaying the dialog
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ajalkaneActually I'd suspect the problematic code is in here where backend opens the dialog:
ajalkane    native->setWindowProperty(_quickView->handle(), QLatin1String("CATEGORY"), QString(QLatin1String("dialog")));15:39
ajalkaneIt's been so long that I've forgotten the reason for this code. But I guess maybe something has changed around this and marking it as "dialog" does not work like this anymore15:40
ajalkaneIt's not exactly documented that you can do anything like this...15:40
coderusajalkane: so you want your dialog to be shown on top of everything with no way to swipe it away without accepting or declining?16:11
ajalkanecoderus: yes16:44
ajalkaneAlthough, preventing swiping is not really something I feel is mandatory so I don't much care about that. I did though try without having that code that sets WindowProperty to "dialog" and it made no difference. Still showed weird and unreadable, not blurring the background.18:13
ajalkaneI can't remember anymore why that code is there, but I suspect it might have been to force the background blurring in this particular case. And now it seems something else would need to be done.18:15

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