Friday, 2020-03-20

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OksanaI have installed a sailfishos patch for jolla-actdead-charging which is intended to show clock on actdead display. Actdead is the one where battery is show with either red or green charge, and an electrical cord - the display visible after device shuts down due to low battery and user plugs it into a charger? Right?04:44
OksanaWell, can see no clock there. Even though the patch has been applied successfully, according to patchmanager.04:44
OksanaAlso, every time I switch on the device, patchmanager is "Applying patches" - after actdead, before usual-GUI. Is it normal? Does it explain why I do not see clock on actdead-charging?04:45
VenemoThaodan: ^^^10:58
ajalkaneMy problem seems to be solved with QGuiApplication::platformNativeInterface()->setWindowProperty(_quickView->handle(), QLatin1String("CATEGORY"), QString(QLatin1String("alarm")));12:20
ajalkaneIt is black magic, but I take what works.12:20
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coderusajalkane: it works better because it is black? :D18:12
coderusOksana: i'm not sure pm3 is staarting soon enough to taake effect on actdead... you have to apply patch manually18:13
coderusajalkane: btw you can undderstand about handled categories by
ajalkaneoh wow, thanks18:19

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