Monday, 2020-03-30

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r0kk3rzsvartoyg: pretty much, theres a couple of mostly broken apps around02:42
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dcalistepvuorela, sorry to distrub you, but there is an issue with nemo-qml-plugin-filemanager in current release of 3.3.0. You fix tagged 0.1.21 is not uncluded. My device is still at 0.1.20. as may be all, see TJC
dcalisteDo you know why 0.1.21 is not shipped ? Is it a mistake ?07:14
pvuoreladcaliste: thanks for noting. looks like it's in the 3.3.0 branch but hadn't gotten picked up.07:39
dcalistepvuorela, thanks for looking at it. It would be a shame not to ship with the fix.07:40
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