Tuesday, 2020-03-31

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dcalisteHello chriadam, if you don't mind, give me 5 minutes before our meeting...06:59
chriadamhi dcaliste, no problem at all06:59
chriadamno rush06:59
dcalisteHello chriadam, I'm here. From time to time, will have to leave some minutes to give directions for school at home !07:05
chriadamno problem :-)07:06
chriadamI hope you had a good week07:06
dcalisteThank you for nerging last week the percent encoding URL potential issue in CalDAV.07:06
dcalisteI'm using regularly now the new discovery code and it seems to work.07:06
chriadamgreat, I will review that asap and get it merged.  also flypig checked the mkcal+nqpc MRs and I will merge and tag those shortly also07:07
chriadamthanks also for your review comments on Bea's buteo PR07:07
dcalisteOk, that good, thank you.07:07
dcalisteSorry, comments are coming not all at once :/ Added yet some others this morning...07:08
chriadamall good :-)07:08
dcalisteAbout pending MRs, there are some that may have moved out of view, like...07:09
chriadamurgh yes, let me check those again07:10
dcalisteThey are not of prime importance, no problem.07:11
chriadamlet me try to find a bug number which might be associated with the buteo one07:13
dcalisteIf MER bugs still exist, I can create one if it helps.07:16
chriadamI created JB#49486 for synchronisation UI07:19
chriadamI guess buteo-syncfw MR#43 and MR45 are related07:19
dcalisteYes, indeed, thank you.07:20
chriadamat least MR#45 LGTM I will merge that tomorrow07:20
dcalisteGreat, thanks again.07:20
chriadamthank you, and for bringing it to my attention again.  I had somehow forgotten about those.07:21
dcalisteAnother more recent MR that may be of interest : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/3607:21
dcalisteIt may be of interest to flypig also.07:21
dcalisteAs mentioned in the MR discussion, the triggered errors look like some he faced some time ago.07:22
dcalisteTo reproduce : down sync a recurring event with exception occurrences.07:22
dcalisteThen, delete it on server. When down syncing again, it will fail with the reported error messages.07:23
dcalisteThis is due to the fact that mkcal is internally storing a list of nodification indexed by uid alone.07:23
chriadamdelete the entire series on the server?07:24
chriadamor just the exception occurrence?07:24
dcalisteMost of the place, they check recurrenceid also on the given list of matching uid, except for the insert / delete action.07:24
dcalisteYes, delete all the event, recurring and exceptions.07:24
chriadamI will find a bug number for that too07:26
chriadamJB#24579 is actually about this issue07:28
dcalisteOh, great. I'm going to add it.07:29
chriadamthe bug is actually for the case where the parent series was deleted but not the exception occurrence, I think, but not sure.  old bug, and I might be misunderstanding the case07:30
chriadameither way, related.07:30
chriadamdoes that caldav MR#64 have a TJC related?07:32
dcalisteYes, there are 3 commits there, and the one with the TJC is mentioned (I think).07:33
dcalisteYes, it's TJC#22342807:33
dcalisteThe last commit of the MR.07:33
chriadamah great07:34
chriadamthat just leaves the tz ones without a related bug number currently07:35
dcalisteWhich one are they ? These tz MRs I mean ?07:36
chriadammkcal#17 and nqpc#4907:36
chriadammaybe pvuorela could suggest which bug might be related to that one.  I know there's an "upgrade kcalcore" task, so maybe it is related to that07:36
dcalisteAh yes, these ones.07:37
dcalisteYes, why not put the "upgrade kcalcore" one, it's indeed related, even if not that closely.07:38
chriadamthere's another task, JB#43311 which might be better, related to all-day recurring events from exchange being displayed on wrong date.  I thought I'd fixed that already, but perhaps not..07:40
dcalisteOk, I'll add this one later today on both, so you can merge later on.07:41
chriadamthanks very much07:41
dcalisteYesterday, I begun to work on the last stage for the alarms not to trigger for disabled notebook or account : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/nemo-qml-plugin-calendar/merge_requests/5507:41
dcalisteIt's explained in the MR discussion what has been done by flypig already and what this MR is brining in addition.07:41
chriadamah, I need to fix the google calendar.  it was storing something in the syncProfile() field, should instead use notebook custom properties for that, and store the "proper" thing in the syncProfile() field07:43
dcalisteAh yes, ok. I've looked on  my device and didn't see anything there. But I disbaled sync since a long time and code should have changed since.07:44
dcalisteFor Google plugin I mean.07:44
chriadamI also might be mis-remembering, and nothing might be stored there07:45
chriadamwill check07:45
dcalisteOk, thank you.07:45
chriadamregarding the MR, I think flypig knows the most about that one, as he worked on the related things before, so I will ask him to review and test when he gets a chance07:45
chriadamthanks very much for doing that07:46
dcalisteLast very minor MR for today : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/3707:46
dcalisteI think pvuorela did the review of the initial code, so he may be a better reviewer for this one.07:47
dcalisteIt's about silencing the flood of warnings of the calendar app about account not being able to send mail.07:47
chriadamyes, shouldn't have been a warning07:48
dcalisteNot very important, but easier then to debug previous MR about notebook listing !07:49
chriadamI very much appreciate the hard work and effort you have put into helping improve the quality of these components07:50
chriadamI apologise for being slow to review some of these07:50
chriadamthanks again for poking me, hopefully will get most of them merged and tagged this week07:50
chriadam(probably not the notebook visibility one, depends on what flypig has on his plate currently)07:50
dcalisteSure, of course, no problem.07:51
dcalisteThank you also for listening and reviewing, it's a long work also.07:51
chriadamanything else to discuss today?07:51
chriadamif not, I hope you have a great week!07:52
dcalisteNo, that's all (already a long list !). Thank you and wishing you a good week too.07:53
kirvesAxeI wonder if someone will make a port of Sailfish (X) for this..? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/astro-slide-5g-transformer#/13:03
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