Wednesday, 2020-04-01

r0kk3rzlooks like an fxtec pro101:13
r0kk3rzbut its by planet, so maybe TheKit will get one to port01:14
* Oksana nods; only larger display, larger camera, and laptop-ish keys - laptop-ish keys are apparently signature trait of planet's mobile devices?01:14
TheKitI still have Cosmo to deal with, but thankfully Astro won't be earlier than at least in a year01:17
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OksanaHas anybody compared Cosmo against Fxtec Pro, keyboard-wise? I still want RGB keyboard backlight, but I doubt anybody is going to manufacture that.02:06
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uzer_hi, back again with the oneplus 3. for the last few days i spammed the terminal trying to build qemu-3.1.0 and wget-1.8.2. wget installs successfully but can't download anything after because i have a read-only file system, also browser, deleting and creating new files don't work. qemu gives this error while building: how can i avoid the read-only file system error? also, is there a dependencies package for qemu like in09:41
uzer_ubuntu and is there an easier way to install qemu?09:41
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dcalistepvuorela, just to say thanks for the "du" fix being in latest cbeta.14:35
attahsooo, is TabView a blessed component or not? can't seem to find it in the docs...19:21
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