Friday, 2020-04-03

r0kk3rzwoah gcc800:02
r0kk3rzwhat is this vooodoo00:02
r0kk3rzabranson: anything cool in new gstreamer?00:16
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Salvaai have a question from port05:37
kimmolidont ask to ask , just ask...06:38
rinigusI wonder what's the current status of bluepill matrix client. Work seems to be on branch neo, but you couldn't even make it start as some signal handlers were not updated. When having around that, it seems that some viral bits are missing (login?). Would be great to get some status update from the authors (cybette) ...06:39
r0kk3rzNico|MentorforNh was making one as well i think06:41
r0kk3rzbecause we dont have enough broken matrix clients already06:41
rinigusExactly. Maybe we should somehow get it together and put one out. I've just helped to package mirage (based on same look as bluepill, qml + pyotherside) info flatpak, but it feels silly to run that if we can get native one06:45
abransonr0kk3rz: coolest thing about that upgrade is having gst-libav06:45
r0kk3rzabranson: as in the non gutted version?06:45
abransonuses system ffmpeg, but that has things like ac3 enabled now06:46
r0kk3rzoh cool06:46
r0kk3rzrinigus: as always people argue about tools, some people want to use python, other people c++ .etc06:46
rinigusr0kk3rz: I wouldn't argue much about it, but would be great to see someone actually putting hours into it. And would have tried to help bit as well. Is Nico active?06:49
rinigusr0kk3rz, as you looked into it before, what would be the client that has the biggest promise?06:52
r0kk3rzlately i have no idea06:52
r0kk3rzbluepill has been on again off again06:52
rinigusI guess cybette is off sfos, or at least partially off. Which doesn't help the development06:53
r0kk3rzcy8r != cybette06:54
rinigusSorry :)06:54
rinigusThen all my assumption are out of the window. Let's see what the authors think. But it's rather annoying not to have matrix client that just works06:55
r0kk3rzit might be worth taking another look at it, i got annoyed at the breaking changes the library i was using kept making06:57
r0kk3rzand will be less hacky with gcc806:58
rinigusr0kk3rz, you would look into harbour-matrix, right?06:58
r0kk3rzyeah, mostly out of familiarity06:59
r0kk3rzi mean, it was working in some basic sense at least06:59
rinigusExactly, gcc8 might be the game changer in many aspects. Although we still sit on qt5.verySmallNr07:00
rinigusr0kk3rz , please do. And don't hesitate to ping when you start working on it. I'd be happy to help07:01
r0kk3rzdont you have enough projects already?07:02
rinigusI do, and i should get back to maps. So, ideally, i would skip it.07:04
rinigusAlthough, lockdown does make browser more of interest...07:05
r0kk3rzi was thinking new gcc might make firefox a bit easier to build07:05
r0kk3rzbut screwing around with rust proves a challenge, so maybe chromium07:06
rinigusYeah, but how we are going to run it with old qtwayland?07:06
rinigusHave you tried angelfish? That one has potential to be ported to sfos iff qt is updated. Meanwhile, we can use via flatpak07:08
r0kk3rzthat might work also07:08
rinigusSo, coming back to matrix. I do hope that some matrix client will be worked on... I have no idea of the status of the looks behind it and how much effort is it too make interface around them.07:18
Nico|MentorforNhI'll work on my client this weekend, since I finally got my GCC upgrade :D07:56
Nico|MentorforNhJust needupdate my docker setup etf07:56
rinigusNico: great to hear. is it out somewhere open?07:59
rinigusAlso, which libs do you use. That's out of curiosity ...08:02
Nico|MentorforNhNo, it is not yet open08:04
Nico|MentorforNhI'm using the mtxclient library, since I'm also a nheko developer :D08:04
Nico|MentorforNhWith a bit of luck I should have some version available either this weekend or next weekend :308:05
Nico|MentorforNh(not promising anything though)08:05
rinigusNico: thanks! And no promise assumed, but good to have some time estimate08:10
rinigusNico: and great to have nheko dev on board08:16
Nico|MentorforNhWell, I want to use it as well and I kinda became a nheko dev, because I contributed bugfixes to the library :D08:23
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MalinuxTrying to upgrade to 3.3 and doing the backup to dropbox. The backup-progress seems stuck at the calendar backup. It's been there for like 6hours aproximately. If I press cancel it stops imideatly though10:42
Malinuxin htop I can see icalconverter export is running. The file it's trying to export to, still don't excist11:29
flipper-maniaccan't seem to update, low on /dev/sailfish/root
Nico|MentorforNhflipper-maniac: try uninstalling some apps maybe?12:30
flipper-maniac@Nico|MentorforNh I did some housecleaning, redownloading the update again, will let you know if it 's working12:36
Malinuxafter I freed up some space, my backup finished. If it's not sufficient space to fullfill a backup, there should be a warning. I guess it need some local storage to create a file it then sends to dropbox?13:45
Nico|MentorforNhProbably. Creating a dynamic file on a cloud storage and zipping it over the network sounds hard to impossible to do :D13:54
Malinuxyeah, so it might have been insufficient space, but I think the backup ap, then should complain about it :)13:55
Nico|MentorforNhYeah, it should :D14:42
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Malinuxhehe, yeah. So, I am on 3.3 now, so I'll se how it goes15:29
Nico|MentorforNhSo far, 3.3 is pretty awesome :D15:32
MalinuxI yet have to figure it out. First I did was setting up the nextcloud account, and now I am doing backup, again15:37
MalinuxIt's "stuck" at the calendar again, though it have always taken a while15:37
Malinuxlike 6 hours or more is new record though.15:38
Nico|MentorforNhI think there was a way to invoke the backup tool from the command line for debugging, not sure, how to anymore though15:42
Malinuxah, that would be useful16:05
MalinuxI stoped it for now16:05
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bionade24 OBS question: How can I "recreate" the sources out of the config in the _service file?16:42
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Salvaahelp to port?17:20
Salvaarepo sync --fetch-submodules in the manual, sync more of 50 GB17:21
abransonbionade24: the service file will have a url in it. git clone that17:27
svartoygsome days ago i asked about a SailfishOS-Client for Matrix and was told, there is non yet. but someone told he/she was working on a client. can't remember who.. the question is: is the client availble somewhere? can i assist in the development somehow?17:36
Nico|MentorforNhThe client isn't available anywhere, I was waiting for the gcc upgrade, which was released yesterday. I'm going to work on it this weekend and  maybe even release something this or next weekend ;p18:04
flipper-maniac@Nico|MentorforNh at the end the update worked by removing some apps, I also had to fix the 'airplane issue'  with
Nico|MentorforNhYay! :D18:53
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