Saturday, 2020-04-04

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bionade24I have a bit of an odd issue here: I need to get python3 as a requirement for mer obs. What name does this package have? pyhton3-base didn't work.12:23
bionade24And was libjansson removed by jolla?12:24
malbionade24: can you give a link to the project on OBS12:31
malbionade24: you have python3-base as requirement but not as build requirement12:33
malRequires vs BuildRequires12:34
bionade24mal: I tried this, but I'll try another time.12:34
malRequires means a runtime requirement and those are not installed during build12:35
malbionade24: now you only have some packaging issue there left12:38
bionade24mal: Thx, worked.12:38
bionade24mal: Last time I guess I only typed python.12:38
bionade24mal: What is wrong?12:38
malyou have defined some path in %files which doesn't exist after the build12:39
malI assume you should have some python3 path in the %files not python2.712:39
bionade24mal: Sorry yes, forgot to change that after upgrading from python2. Is there something helping to detected untracked and non-existent files?12:40
mala hint for that
malbionade24: the build error was quite clear why it failed12:41
bionade24mal: Yes, but as I said, I wasn't sure about the python lib name, and tried python3 als build Requirement before, but typed in a wrong name. Then I was confused.12:43
bionade24mal: Thx. Do you now why libjansson is only avaiable on obs? Could it be removed by Jolla? I remember building this package in sb2, too.12:44
malbionade24: ok, at least now you know the difference between Requires and BuildRequires, also if you don't know what package provides something you can check the spec files in just search for python3 for example and then find the spec in the repo12:45
bionade24mal: Ok, I used the my device to find python3-base.12:46
malyeah, searching on device works also12:47
malmight even be easier that way12:47
malafaik sailfish doesn't use libjansson for anything so it's not available12:47
malwhere do you need that package?12:48
bionade24mal:  Sadly for runtime, too.12:48
mallooks like you have some special project dependency in that repo which has libjansson12:49
malit's only built in some home project of another user12:49
bionade24mal: Thx, I did those things very long ago12:50
maljust curious, what kind of app are you making?12:50
bionade24mal: I'm working on a new GUI for the seafile-client.12:51
bionade24mal: The official one is made for Desktops with QQ112:55
malbionade24: one way is to have the dependencies as submodules in the app git repo, that way getting it to store would be easier13:01
bionade24mal: I'll don't want to rebuild every time a mem leak was fixed. I'm aware of this method and of patching too, but for now I want to got with OpenRepos.13:06
elros1anybody tried EA sdk? sailfish_svg2png fails with: GLib-ERROR **: 12:39:30.923: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory13:07
elros1qemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped /bin/sh: line 1: 15776 Trace/breakpoint trap   /usr/bin/sailfish_svg2png -z 1.0 /home/mersdk/*13:07
elros1in platform sdk it works correctly13:13
bionade24elros1: Some issue is already discussed on mailing list, could be yours.13:22
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elros1cant found anything related here: but as a workaround I built package in platform sdk13:29
bionade24What's the difference between mer-tools:devel and mer-tools:stable? Both seem outdated14:56
malyou mean on OBS? those are obsolete14:58
bionade24mal: thx15:09
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