Thursday, 2020-04-09

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ghosalmartinanyone seen this
ghosalmartinand know how it might affect sfos07:24
Nico|MentorforNhSince Sailfish probably won't upgrade to Qt6 for at least a year, I don't think it matters much :D07:26
Nico|MentorforNhSailfish is far more than a year behind Qt, so...07:26
r0kk3rzdepends on how that might affect community contributions08:06
r0kk3rzthey do upstream a lot of work to qt08:07
SmarI wonder if KDE could succeed in forking Qt...08:09
vilpanI'd say there's no bad outcome. Either the community gathers behind a fork and gains independence from the company and future threats of this sort become a non-issue. Or a fork turns out infeasible, floss projects move away from Qt eventually and the company loses the marketing channel of pretending to be pro-floss as long as it is convenient. After a temporary period of inconvenience, things will fall into place either way.08:17
Smarwell, who knows08:36
r0kk3rzthe company is making good dough from infotainment syatems i think08:44
r0kk3rzelectronic dashes and the like08:45
x2suh, this is bad. Digia thinks they have a monopoly here, but they don't09:12
x2sthe moment Qt is forked and transfered back to the community they will die09:13
x2sQt only got big on embedded systems, because the opensource devs introduced it into the companies. And they will move to the fork immediately, if Digia screws them over09:13
x2soracle thought the same thing about MySQL. And now we have mariadb and nobody really talks about MySQL anymore.09:14
x2sghosalmartin: the short term effects should be minor the sfos, because they have licensed Qt09:15
x2sthat's it? No more explanations? No note that they will explain further what's going on?10:00
x2sI'm not convinced.10:00
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ghosalmartinx2s, i honestly dont know too much about saw, just saw a reddit post. I haven't been really keeping up with SFOS these days11:42
x2sghosalmartin: since part of sfos ui is not open source (at least that's the last state I know of) they have to get a license.12:04
ghosalmartinx2s, fair enough. Still haven't up silica eh :P12:06
x2sbut KDE is getting into trouble here, because they have to somehow add security patches to Qt if they don't get them from Digia12:07
Smarwell not only kde, but whole opensource community12:08
x2sand when you start to build a security infrastructure for another project, you made a very hard and important step that would come with forking...12:08
x2sso why not bother and go all the way?12:09
x2sand tbh, I'd like to help with that. I'm bored out of my mind, because all my projects got canceled and nothing new is on the horizon and my money lasts for another two month before I need to find help (well, I'm screwed anyway), so... lets do it12:11
frojndHi there.13:25
frojndAny devs here?13:25
frojndAny idea how can I read sms content from ssh? I Would like to automate some things and I need to read sms from specific sender. How can I do that?13:26
frojndI know there is this project: but I was hoping if there was a simple command I could use to achieve reading of last sms from specific sender13:26
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bionade24frojnd: Pobably not, you could use DBus commands19:22
bionade24What's the best way to show errors in Silica?19:22
Nico|MentorforNhWhat errors? Syntax errors in Qml files?19:26
bionade24Nico|MentorforNh: No, network or ssl or other errors that can happen at runtime.19:28
Nico|MentorforNhIf you run your application from qt creator or via the commandline, it should show those errors, I think19:37
bionade24Nico|MentorforNh: When I mean runtime, I want to ask what I should show the User? A Dialog in a new Page? Or something else specific for this case.19:41
bionade24Nico|MentorforNh: For example, the network error page of ytplayer is imho very bad.19:41
Nico|MentorforNhHm, it depends on where the error happens19:42
Nico|MentorforNhFor example a login error I just show an additional label, when an error happens19:42
Nico|MentorforNhBut if your video gets interrupted by a network error you may want to choose a different way19:43
Nico|MentorforNhBut I'm no export on UI design :D19:43
bionade24Nico|MentorforNh: I'm much more a noob than you. Is there any message box like on other osses where I get the current page into background?19:44
Nico|MentorforNhNot that I know of. You'd either use a notification or an extra page on the page stack19:45
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