Friday, 2020-04-10

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PureTryOut[m]chriadam: I understood I should talk to you about Qt5Pim. It seems the source of is not up-to-date with what is used in Mer/Sailfish Is there a chance the sources used could be synced?11:38
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SimeraxIs there a standard way of creating background services? Any Sailfish specific api's or helpers? how would i go about if i want parts of my app to run as a service? for example push notifications if the app is closed etc.18:26
Nico|MentorforNhI usually just keep my app running and just destroy the view, unless someone specifically chooses exit in the menu18:27
Nico|MentorforNhDepecher may be a good example on how to do that18:29
Simeraxperfect! ill check out the depecher source!18:30
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Simeraxhow would i go about adding cryptographic functions to my application? do i need to bundle third party libs? I did not really find anything about that in the official sailfish documentation22:46
r0kk3rzstatic link everything you need for your app22:47
Nico|MentorforNhWhat cryptographic functions? You can link to openssl, but you would need to bundle libsodium for example, iirc22:47
Simeraxah okay..well i need aes and sha22:49
Nico|MentorforNhThose are available in openssl22:50
Simeraxthanks for the info :P22:55

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