Tuesday, 2020-04-14

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dcalisteHello chriadam, how are you ?06:49
chriadamhi dcaliste06:50
chriadamI'm well thanks06:50
chriadamhow are you?06:50
dcalisteI'm fine thanks.06:51
chriadamthat's good.  I hope your week went well06:51
dcalisteI think you received a mail also from vaskas on TJC with a failing log.06:51
dcalisteIt was a slow sync that was failing because of the issue I introduced with malformed recurring events.06:52
dcalisteYou patched this already. But there was another bug, with his failing calendar duplicating at each sync.06:53
chriadamI did see that earlier today, yes, thank you for already following up with that one06:53
dcalisteI've submitted a MR for this : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/buteo-sync-plugin-caldav/merge_requests/6606:53
chriadamthank you, I will check that06:54
dcalisteIt was a stupid mistake (as always), not setting the remote path at creation time, and deferring it to the last moment, to save one line :/06:54
dcalisteBut code in between may fail and quick return.06:54
chriadamthank you for investigating, definitely good to get that fixed :-)06:55
dcalisteI've send a compiled rpm to the guy of the master branch with the addition of my read-only branch, the one with the new discovery code. Up to now, he seems happy with it.06:57
chriadamunfortunately I wasn't able to spend much time following up on your other PRs (or even my own) this last week (holidays + being drawn across to a different task, meant that I had limited time)06:57
chriadamI apologise for not progressing those06:58
dcalistechridama, no problem, we can just quickly review what is still left today.06:58
chriadamsounds good!06:59
chriadamBea's buteo-syncfw change was merged, so I will merge your result change (MR#45) this week06:59
chriadamthe caldav change - should be fine to merge, thank you for addressing the "no calendar list" thing07:00
chriadamI will merge that this week also07:00
dcalisteSo, talking about the discovery MR in CalDAV, I've added a commit on top to change the detection of the account service, not based on calendars entry any more but on the profile_id directly, which sounds more intentional.07:00
dcalisteAh, ok, you've seen it ;)07:00
chriadamkcalcore MR#15 iirc had some open discussion item07:00
dcalisteYes, I've tried to reproduce the problem faced by flypig, without success at the moment. But I was trying to reproduce it on a slightly simplified setup, which may be the cause for not seeing it.07:02
flypigdcaliste, ah, sorry, I thought you could reproduce it.07:02
chriadamI asked flypig if he could provide a testcase for that one, but it might be tricky to do in isolation :-/  not sure07:02
dcalisteAbout this !15, it is passing the new test you introduced in mkcal for it, but flypig has this strange behaviour which should be understood first in my opinion.07:02
chriadamyeah, definitely be good if it could be isolated07:03
dcalisteflypig, no not up to now, sorry. And I've the same excuse as chriadam ;op, Easter holidays and various other things to do...07:03
chriadamflypig: was NQPC MR#55 different?  was there some other issue there?07:04
dcalisteBut this issue is really itching : how can the qml bindings returns invalid timedate depending on startup, even without sync going on.07:04
flypigdcaliste, okay, sorry I hadn't realised. I'll put some effort into trying to figure out what's going on then + creating an EAS test case.07:04
chriadamexcellent, thanks07:05
chriadamalso, @flypig if you could check nqpc MR#55 that would be appreciated.  notebook visibility related07:05
flypigdcaliste, yes, it's on my list, I didn't get around to it yet, sorry.07:06
dcalisteflypig, if yoy try to reproduce, it may be enlightening to dump the component database entry that is displaying strangely (test5 ?) before and after each startup in the no network conditions.07:06
dcalisteJust to exclude any modification of it (I cannot figure out from where, but to be sure).07:07
flypigOkay, noted, I'll try to do that.07:07
dcalisteThen, the idea is to try to think what can make the actually returned value change while store value is not.07:07
dcalisteSo you may want to dump the originoftime value from the db also.07:08
dcalisteAnd maybe the timezone part also, to be sure.07:08
dcalisteThank you very much, I know it's a long and not fun job to setup all of this ... :(07:08
flypigI'll do my best. It is tricky I'm afraid, just because it's timeconsuming, but I just need to apply a bit of effort :)07:09
flypigchriadam, where you write "was NQPC MR#55 different?" could you elaborate please?07:10
chriadamsoryr, I meant, unrelated to that07:10
chriadam(unrelated to the eas one)07:11
chriadamdcaliste: I guess that covers the current PRs unless I'm forgetting somethign?07:12
flypigAh, sorry, I'm still confused. Was NQPC#55 unrelated to which?07:12
dcalistechriadam, for nemo-qml-plugin-calendar!55, there is the issue of checking that Google is adding the profile_id setting properly for the calendar service.07:12
chriadamah, yes07:13
dcalisteIs this to be done in the public repo ? I may give a loom then.07:13
chriadamflypig: nqpc#55 is related to the notebook visibility changes you worked on something related, previously (alarms IIRC)07:13
chriadamdcaliste: yes, I believe just in buteo-sync-plugins-social google-calendar07:14
dcalisteOk, I've no experience with this particular code, but I can give a look.07:15
dcalisteIs there any other calendar service to be known ? Like EAS or something ?07:15
chriadamEAS is the only one which isn't open source afaik07:15
dcalisteOk, so one should just check that the calendar service has a foo/profile_id setting that is set to the value of the Buteo profile.07:16
chriadamthere are a few in buteo-sync-plugins-social (facebook, vk, as well as google) but facebook at least can be ignored (they removed calendar support for third parties), and vk... well, I would be surprised if vk still worked, since no-one tests/uses that afaik07:16
dcalisteFor caldav it's something like caldav-sync-XX.07:16
chriadamalthough I thought we were talking about a field in the mkcal database07:17
chriadamrather than an account setting.  did I misunderstand?07:17
dcalisteIt should be in both place.07:17
dcalisteThe mKCal notebook has a syncProfile() method, returning the name of the sync profile used by this notebook (if properly stored).07:18
dcalisteAnd the account has a setting for the calendar service that is called caldav/profile_id for caldav, storing the same value.07:19
dcalisteSo having the notebook, we can link it to the account (via the account() method) and the service (via the profile_id), and vice-versa.07:19
chriadamwell, I guess the account setting will be set by jolla-settings-accounts or something, but I assume it does so correctly.  IMO the one which might not be set correctly, would be in mkcal's Notebook data, i.e. set by the google-calendars-plugin07:19
chriadamor maybe I'm just confused.  I can't promise to look into it this week, but hopefully next week, unless you do so prior07:20
dcalisteYes,in my device, it's the one stored in the mkcal db that is missing.07:20
dcaliste(if I remember well).07:20
chriadambut I will try to merge the caldav PRs and the buteo-syncfw PR this week07:20
dcalisteI'll look at both places for Google and check that it's coherent, like in the caldav implementation.07:21
dcalisteThere us one last minor MR : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/messagingframework/merge_requests/3907:21
dcalisteAbout silencing the last bits of messages about all accounts not being email ones.07:22
chriadamwhy did the patch 0004 change so much?07:23
chriadamoh, did you edit that patch rather than add a new patch on top?07:24
dcalisteI regenerated all the patch with git format-patches, and git changed the hashes length, so there are changes in the patch for every sections.07:25
dcalisteThe patch I edited was the one introducing the account support.07:25
dcalisteI think gitlab is confused because there are more changes than the patch0004...07:26
chriadamgitlab is definitely confused07:26
chriadamyup, I'll take a look at that one too.  might need a bug or tjc to pass CI though07:26
dcalisteAh, no my bad...07:26
dcalisteI actually changed just this one ;)07:27
chriadamI wonder if it might be better to just add a new patch on top07:27
dcalisteBut most of the changes are for hashes length.07:27
chriadami.e. 0022-Suppress-warnings.patch etc07:27
chriadamI dunno whether this helps, but my way of working with patches is like this:07:29
chriadamah, let me pastebin07:29
dcalisteWell, I did this because I'm thinking because we may would like to submit this upsteam, if not under this form, and I'm afraid we may miss patches .07:29
dcalisteBut I can do as you prefer of course.07:30
chriadambut, true, upstreaming might affect this07:30
chriadampvuorela: do you have time to check that one, also?  related to qmf07:31
dcalisteI did modify the existing patch, because I wanted to actually modify the code introduced by it, and not any of the upstream one.07:31
dcalisteI commented in the MR introduction the various changes that I introduced in the patch.07:32
chriadamtrue.  I guess it doesn't matter too much.  And there aren't too many changes, seems pretty simple.07:33
chriadamthanks for that - we will have to figure out a bug number to associate it with, though, or it won't pass CI07:33
dcalisteIf for both of you chriadam and pvuorela, it's better to have it a another patch on top I can regenerate it. And merge it with patch 0004 after review.07:33
bionade24I can't connect to qmllivebench, it always tells me the emulator is offline. Can someone please help me?07:33
dcalisteIf you have an ongoing task id for calendar cleanup, it will be just fine.07:34
chriadamchecking, sorry taking a while, bz is slow07:37
chriadammaybe just use JB#2457907:39
bionade24No one who can help me with qmllivebench?07:39
dcalisteOk, I'll add it to the commit message, thanks.07:39
chriadamdcaliste: thank you07:39
chriadambionade24: one sec07:39
dcalistebionade24, sorry, I'm not using it.07:39
chriadammartyone: is qmllivebench something you might be able to help with?07:40
chriadamdcaliste: thanks again.  I had nothing else to discuss today - did you have any other topics?07:40
flypigbionade24, does it work with a real device?07:40
dcalistechriadam, no it's fine. Thank you for the meeting. I've added the JB id to the commit in QMF.07:41
chriadamdcaliste: thanks!  I hope you have a great week07:42
martyonebionade24: when you click the red "offline" button, does it do anything?07:42
* chriadam -> away, gnight all07:42
bionade24flypig: Haven't tried07:42
bionade24martyone: No07:43
bionade24flypig: Should I try?07:43
martyoneI assume you are using latest SDK (3.0.7), which platform is it on?07:44
bionade24martyone: Yes, of course. In can ssh into, too.07:46
flypigbionade24, I always preferred using it on a real device, but that might have been app-specific.07:47
bionade24flypig: The problem is that I only have one device and I don't want to break it07:48
flypigbionade24, sure, that's an important benefit of using the emulator :)07:48
martyonebionade24: what is the platform you run it on?07:49
bionade24martyone: Arch Linux. Does the emulator need some authenthication I could debug?07:49
martyonebionade24: try with debug info enabled, running the bench from console with something like `QT_LOGGING_RULES="QmlLive.Bench.ConnectionState.debug=true" ~/SailfishOS/bin/qmllivebench`07:50
martyone(the connection is unauthenticated)07:51
bionade24Debug: Host connection error: "Sailfish OS Emulator" QAbstractSocket::ConnectionRefusedError ((null):0, (null))07:52
bionade24Debug: Host disconnected: "Sailfish OS Emulator" ((null):0, (null))07:52
bionade2410234/tcp open  unknown07:53
martyonebionade24: there must be an app running inside the emulator with Qt QmlLive enabled - is that true?07:54
bionade24martyone: Probably not, I couldn't read something about this in the wiki page. How do I do that?07:55
martyoneok, check the help in Qt Creator - there is a section "Using QmlLive with Sailfish OS devices", you can find it with from the locator by typing "? qmllive" thre07:57
bionade24martyone: Thx.07:58
bionade24martyone: And after that i enabled qmllive I need to deploy once?08:05
bionade24Next Problem: What can I do when the Build engine doesn't find a header lying in /usr/include. I always used pkgconfig but it doesn't seem to work this time.08:10
Nico[m]Is the header actually in the /usr/include of the target? Maybe you need to add its package to the build requirements09:01
bionade24Nico[m]: The header is in /usr/include/jansson.h of the mersdk. Is this the wrong path?09:08
Nico[m]It depends, you need to look inside the build target not just the VM09:19
bionade24Nico[m]: Where is the build target?09:20
Nico[m]I actually have no idea :D09:20
bionade24Nico[m]: Or explain me a bit more what the build target and the vm differences09:20
bionade24Nico[m]: You mean those sb2 commands?09:21
r0kk3rzsb2 target09:21
r0kk3rzwhich is itself a vm of sorts09:21
bionade24How can I get headers into sb2?09:21
Nico[m]Install them via a package dependency09:22
bionade24Nico[m]: You mean with pkgconfig?09:22
bionade24I'm working with qtcreator09:23
Nico[m]You should have an rpm yaml like this: https://nheko.im/nheko-reborn/spoon/-/blob/master/rpm/harbour-spoon.yaml#L2109:25
Nico[m]Just add your dependencies there09:25
Nico[m]Either via the pkgconfig name under the ConfigBR or the rpm name under PkgBR09:26
bionade24Nico[m]: Thx, I'm a total noob. But how does sb2 install the packages. I need to add my obs repo09:31
Nico[m]It installs them when building, but if you need an additional repo, that is a bit more involved09:32
bionade24Nico[m]: I already installed the packages in the vm09:33
Nico[m]Yeah, but you need to install them in the build tools, via sb2 commands09:34
r0kk3rzadd the repo instead09:34
r0kk3rzalso, dont use yamls, just delete it and write the spec file09:34
bionade24r0kk3rz: So I have to invoke zypper addrepo?09:34
r0kk3rzssu ar09:35
r0kk3rzinside the target09:35
Nico[m]sb2 -t SailfishOS-  -m sdk-install -R ssu ar09:37
Nico[m]or similar09:37
bionade24Repository http://repo.merproject.org/obs/home:/oroesler/sailfish_latest_i486/home:oroesler.repo does not contain valid URL, skipping and disabling.09:40
bionade24I got it !! This was fu**ing complicated09:50
bionade24Nico[m]: r0kk3rz: Thank you for helping me that much10:09
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