Wednesday, 2020-04-15

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coderuswow, tmo "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later."11:14
johansmitsnlRight now this room I use is bridged with Matrix, are there plans to move the Room to a Matrix server without the IRC bridge?15:00
Nico[m]Probably not, since most users are still on IRC and the matrix clients for sailfish aren't that good yet ;p15:33
x2sthe matrix clients for desktops aren't that good either.15:34
Nico[m]Hey, don't you complain about my Nheko! It is perfect!!!15:39
x2sUntil it get's stuck somewhere and uses up 100% of a cpu ;)15:47
x2s*cpu core15:47
Nico[m]I fixed that issue for 0.7.0, but a new one popped up, that only one person experiences on a tablet, that I don't have...15:52
x2swell, I'm still on 0.6.4. Have to wait for the pkg maintainer to upload a newer version16:01
Nico[m]And the maintainer needs to wait for me to stabilize 0.7.0 and release it, so all my talk was pretty useless :D16:03
ol<x2s "the matrix clients for desktops "> Riot-Web is the most fully-featured Matrix client, BTW.16:33
ol<Nico[m] "Hey, don't you complain about my"> Does it have full support for E2E encryption and key management already?16:34
Nico[m]It supports encrypted messages, media and manually importing/exporting keys. It can also share keys, but not request them. What's missing is device verification and requesting keys via gossip. That one is waiting for cross-signing to be actually added to the spec, although someone wants to implement it for GSoC, so well see.16:41
Nico[m]The whole verification stuff is half way finished, but we shelved it for now, so we don't steal a potential GSoC project16:42
olNico[m] (IRC): So, what  should I do if I install Nheko and want to read old messages from an encrypted room that I already read using Riot-Web? Can I add / sign keys manually?16:44
x2sol: riot web is, as the name implies, a website. I want a desktop application. Call my old school, but I like stuff that integrates into my desktop environment and doesn't us 10% of my computing power just to be "there".16:49
olx2s (IRC): You can always wrap web app in Electron (there is one for Riot-Web already). Not ideal solution, but better than nothing. Alternatively, you can work on improving desktop apps: Nheko, Quaternion...16:52
Nico[m]x2s: You would go to your Riot settings and export your keys and then import them in the Nheko settings16:53
x2sNico[m]: you mean't ol here :)16:54
x2sol: well, electron is even worse, because it's somehow just a browser...16:55
Nico[m]Ups, yeah :D17:01
olNico[m] (IRC): Do you have instructions how to do that?17:04
Nico[m]Anyway, if someonewant to contribute to Nheko or just complain about it, I'm usually providing support in :317:05
Nico[m]ol: Do what exactly?17:28
attahIs it just me, or are the timestamps in the call log completely useless? I.e. the last 2 weeks only showing the time, and not the date17:48
attahseems this would have been found if it was affecting everyone...17:48
ol<Nico[m] "ol: Do what exactly?"> This: "You would go to your Riot settings and export your keys and then import them in the Nheko settings"17:51
Nico[m]ol: Go to your riot settings > security > Encryption > Export E2EE session keys. Save that file somewhere. Then open Nheko, open it's settings, scroll to the bottom and click the button labeled import and import your keys18:05
olNico[m] (IRC): But will it lead to two devices having the same private key?18:07
Nico[m]No, it imports the session keys, i.e. the keys to decrypt E2EE messages. You probably have about 1000 of those right about now18:08
olNico[m] (IRC): Error. "decrypt_exported_sessions: ciphertext too small"18:19
Nico[m]Which version are you on? This may be one of the issues fixed for 0.718:48
attahso that was not for me xD18:49
Nico[m]No, ol :D18:49
Nico[m]Also my call log seems to show the date18:50
olNico[m] (IRC): The latest version, of course:
Nico[m]Well, yeah, this may be some incompatibility we fixed in 0.7.0. At least I did it a few times without issue. I hope we can release it soon, but we still found a few bugs ._.18:51
Nico[m]You could try the nightly though, if you are alright with an AppImage, Flatpak or building it yourself?18:52
olNo. I just want RPM.18:52
Nico[m]Well, then I hope it works for you in 2 weeks or so ._.18:52
olPlease release 0.7.0 ASAP so it can be packaged properly.18:52
olOK, I'll be waiting.18:53
Nico[m]I'm gonna release it, when we fixed a few more issues people are having. It doesn't make sense to release with blocker issues :D18:54
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