Thursday, 2020-04-16

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bionade24 no matching function for call to ‘StartupManager::connect(std::shared_ptr<DaemonManager>&, const char [32], StartupManager*, const char [19])’08:54
bionade24             this, SLOT(onDaemonStarted()));08:54
bionade24                                          ^08:54
bionade24How can I fix this?08:55
Nico[m]Is your startup manager derived from QObject?08:59
Nico[m](You could also try the new connect syntax, i.e.: connect(x,x,this, &StartupManager::onDaemonStarted))09:01
Nico[m]Ah, your issue may be the smart pointer for your DaemonManager, try calling data or get on it, before passing it to connect09:01
bionade24Nico[m]: I needed the .get() method to make it a raw one.09:03
bionade24Nico[m]: Thx anyway.09:03

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