Wednesday, 2020-04-29

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OksanaTired. On Fxtec Pro1, in Sailfish OS, camera suddenly shows only black screen. It takes photographs just fine, I see them showing up in Gallery, but having to take photographs while practically flying blind is very inconvenient.01:23
OksanaWhat and how should I restart to get camera back? By the way, rebootof operating system didn't help.01:24
r0kk3rzusing standard camera? advanced camera?02:11
OksanaEither one02:33
r0kk3rzmust be lower down in the adaptation then02:33
r0kk3rzmaybe not much you can do02:34
OksanaIt worked earlier! About the only significant change was zypper refresh, zypper update.02:42
r0kk3rzdont ever do zypper update02:49
r0kk3rznever ever02:49
r0kk3rzyou've probably got a newer package than you should02:50
OksanaI am more concerned about *droid* packages. Should they be here at all?03:39
r0kk3rzwhy? those are very important03:45
OksanaWell, if droid packages have got to be on Sailfish OS even when it's running on Fxtec Pro and not on Motorola Droid... Then it is how it has to be.03:47
r0kk3rzthey have nothing to do with motorola droid...03:48
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r0kk3rzits just the naming convention for core adaptation packages03:49
r0kk3rzwhich, if you want your phone to boot, you really need03:49
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Jettisso why it is said to do zypper update if you should never do it?07:23
r0kk3rzin that instance, you should zypper install the package07:50
Jettisok good to know because i did zypper update too and have a broken camera now07:58
r0kk3rzyeah i think its probably gst-droid is the culprit08:02
Dakonis there some problem with the servers? I get a message saying something like "could not dermine size of the update" when instructing to download the sysupdate10:11
x2s"Nextcloud cloud service introduced." So, does backuping work, too?10:23
malDakon: which device?10:56
malOksana: the naming of those droid-* packages is based on the fact that those are adaptation packages for the android side and for the naming android became droid10:59
Dakonjolla 111:25
frojnd1Hi there.13:39
frojnd1I just updated to rokue 3.0.16 but  Igot not it did not install and the nreboot option. I tapped reboot. Checked the settings I'm on 3.0.16 but I'm stuck in flight mode13:39
frojnd1I got note about install not being installed13:39
frojnd1Can I recover from my backup I enabled during installation?13:41
maldoes the device still boot?13:42
frojnd1I just can't use wifi/data make calls13:43
frojnd1I can use terminal13:43
frojnd1I can't use usb though13:43
frojnd1I think there was a workaround for this in tj but can't find it13:44
frojnd1What is there to be done about it?13:44
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malcheck the first comments in here
malnote that those comments mention which should now be
frojndIf I could only see my phone through usb :/13:47
malso developer mode is not working?13:51
frojndI'm blind13:53
frojndmy usb0 is enp0s20f0u113:53
malyeah, sometimes usb is named in a strange way13:54
frojndDamn.. Ican't establish connection14:01
frojndI mean prohne -> linux -> web14:02
frojndI see why14:03
Ingvixwhat was the cli utility with which I could change some of the system settings like what does power button do when waking the device?16:34
Ingvixand enable tap to wake and such16:42
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johansmitsnlI switched the card and caldav url's 🤦‍♂️️16:57
johansmitsnlBut why the `.well-known` isn't working...16:57
bionade24johansmitsnl: Put .well-known into the catch-all17:22
johansmitsnlbut I use the docker image do I don't have a lot of control about it (by default)17:22
Dakonsomething is badly broken with my update19:35
Dakonit already says 3.3 in ssu.ini19:35
DakonI run ssu re, then pkcon refresh19:36
Dakonfails, version is up again19:36
Dakonerrors says it can't write /var/tmp/AP_0x(random)/repodata/repomd.xml19:36
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r0kk3rzIngvix: mce-tool23:55

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